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Discover your personal values for your career - quiz

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled in your job or constantly looking for the right career opportunity? 🤨

The key to finding a job that truly aligns with your passions and values may be closer than you think. Identifying your values is a crucial step in the application process, as it helps you narrow down your search and find a job that really fits you and your beliefs.

But where do you start? 🤔

Searching for your values can be a daunting task, but don't worry, in this blog post We'll give you the perfect exercise to identify your top 3 or 4 values.

We'll explore the importance of identifying your values in the application process and how they can lead to greater job satisfaction and overall career fulfillment.

Why is it important to know your values?

Knowing your values is crucial when looking for a job, because It enables you to understand what is really important to you in your work.

It can help you identify the type of work environment and company culture that aligns with your personal beliefs and goals. It also allows you to communicate your needs and aspirations to potential employers and identify job offers that align with your values, which can lead to greater job satisfaction and overall career fulfillment.

It can also help you in the application process, as it allows you to articulate how your personal values align with the company's values and goals, making you a stronger candidate.

Find your top scores - quiz

Let's get started

🎯 That The aim of this quiz is to identify your top 3 or 4 scores.

We've created a quiz exercise that gives you a list of common values related to the world of work and asks you to give a score based on how important they are to you.

Before we get started, we're asking you to do two things:

  1. Be brutally honest. It can be easy to choose our values based on what we'd like — make an effort to choose the values that better reflect reality right now.
  2. Make sure they're your values. Not that of your parents, not that of society, not that of your friends or your partner... these values are individually tailored to you.

⚙️ Instructions:

  1. Access to our template by click here
  2. Make a copy to be able to edit (“File” -> “Create a copy”)
  3. Once you've created your own copy, give each value a score of 4. Don't try to spread the numbers evenly across the categories, but try to keep the number of “1ers: Must Have” to a maximum of 4.

discover your personal values

1- Must-have: absolutely essential for me - up to 4

2 - Nice to have but not essential - Unlimited

3 - Neutral: neither important nor unimportant - Unlimited

4 - Not valuable, I'd rather avoid it. - Unlimited

When you're done, take any values that you've rated as 1 or must-have, and those will be your top personality scores.

We hope this blog post has helped you identify your most important personal values.

Remember, identifying your values is an ongoing process and it can take time before you truly understand what's important to you.

As you continue your job search, keep your values in mind and use them as a guide to help you make decisions. We wish you all the best in your job search and hope you find a job that brings you satisfaction and fulfillment! Thanks for reading and good luck on your career path! 🚀

This item belongs to The ultimate guide to securing your dream job in 2023!

Keep an eye out for our next episode where we'll help you to identify your top 5 skills and to demonstrateto open doors to career success.

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