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Hire and train top sales talent

We help you tackle the two biggest challenges to building high-performance sales teams: hiring the right people and training them to perform.
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Hire vetted salespeople.

Rigorously vetted candidates based on your specific requirements
Fast time to hire with few interviews
Untapped talent from all walks of life
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Train your sales team.

Personalized learning programs
World-class trainers
Continuous training that boosts performance
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Why work with us

We'll help you build
high-performance sales teams.

Over 500 people trained
Over 500 vacancies filled
4.9/5 satisfaction rate
This is how we help

Solutions for every team 
and challenge

Each team has its own specific challenges to build high-performing teams.

Empty pipeline, SDR positions vacant for 4 months
2 SDRs were hired within 30 days with just 5 interviews.
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Team not reaching quota. No resources for internal training.
260% increase in sales.
5x more opportunities.
Hire and train
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Needed to hire fast and no bandwidth to onboard
3 SDR hired
4.9/5 Satisfaction with training

What can hyrise help my company with?

We help you hire new talent through hyriseRecruiting and/or train your existing sales team through HyriseTraining. Both can happen together or independently of one another.

What exactly does Hyrise do?

hyrise helps tech companies solve the two biggest challenges in building powerful sales teams: filling open sales positions effectively and successfully training existing sales teams. Through our HyriseRecruiting service, we provide proven and unused talent as motivated sales representatives to innovative digital companies. With HyriseTraining, we effectively train sales staff on the job through a continuous training program tailored to their respective needs. We work with over 150 leading companies such as Hubspot, Doctolib or HRS and became known through the VOX start-up show “Die Höhle der Löwen” in autumn 2022.

What is the process for working with us?

Looking to hire new talent?
‍ hyrise makes setting up as easy as possible for you in 3 steps.
Step 1: Share your requirements: Meet with your personal talent advisor to explain your specific role requirements.
‍ Step 2: Review a suitable selection list: Only review candidates who have been examined and reviewed for suitability by our team.
‍ Step 3: Hire and onboard: Take advantage of our assistance in hiring your dream candidates. Once hired, all employees receive free on-the-job training for faster onboarding.

Would you like to train talent?
‍ hyrise increases your team's performance through our continuous enablement training.
‍ Step 1: Assessment: We conduct an analysis of competency gaps to identify strengths and areas for improvement. On this basis, we define an individual 6-month learning path.
Step 2: Coaching: Each salesperson receives their own sales trainer who works on their individual areas of improvement in regular 1-on-1 coaching sessions.
Step 3: Training: Our training focuses on micro-learning activities and exercises between sessions.

How do you select and prepare candidates?

Candidates go through an intensive selection and preparation process. After applying, our Talent Success Team conducts individual motivational interviews and group workshops, in which skills such as curiosity, trainability, communication behavior, motivation and others are assessed for sales success. Applicants must also complete an introductory technical sales course to know what to expect in their day-to-day work.

Do your candidates speak German?

Yes, everyone. We require that they have at least the C1 level in German. Most candidates are native German speakers.

How will you train my existing team and how long will it take? They are native German speakers.

Based on an initial assessment of your current team's deficiencies and potential, we recommend tailored learning programs, which are then agreed with the relevant managers. These tailored training programs are a combination of relevant theory, individual/group work sessions with an experienced sales trainer, community support, and master classes. The duration of training usually varies between 1-12 months, depending on your team's needs.

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