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From teacher to sales champion: Michael's journey with hyrise

There's a reason why we publish success stories at hyrise. We don't just want to provide a glimpse into and celebrate each individual's unique story, but hope they can inspire and encourage others to take the leap and pursue a career they love.

Today we're introducing you to the remarkable story of Michael, who went against all expectations and found his true calling with the support of hyrise.

Before hyrise

Michael's journey began in a somewhat unconventional way. He initially aspired to a career as a teacher and found himself in front of a classroom full of eager students. However, he quickly realized that teaching wasn't his true calling. The stress and uncertainty he felt weighed heavily on him, which prompted him to look for another path.

Michael took a bold career step and moved into the role of Customer Relationship Manager at Tutum. His CEO gave him the opportunity to try his hand at sales and he quickly discovered his passion for it. This was the start of a journey of professional growth and development, as Michael was eager to learn and strive for top performance.

After six months, Michael was satisfied with sales, but he felt that he was not exploiting his full potential. With the support of Tutum He signed up for Hyrise Academy to take his skills to the next level.

Michael's experience with Hyrise

Michael's expectations for the course were met and exceeded right from the start. His sales trainer Robin taught him a lot about sales, including pipeline management, lead conversion, social selling, and overcoming objections. Robin supported him throughout the entire time and Michael found comfort in talking to him about his fears and hurdles.

“I loved that it wasn't just about imparting knowledge — I was able to talk openly with Robin and discuss everything that was on my mind.”

Michael mentions that the best thing about his training was its extensive content. In contrast to many other training courses that focus on a single aspect, hyrise's training was flexible and continuous and covered a wide range of topics. This made Michael feel confident at every step of the sales cycle, from generating leads to closing deals.

“I now have the confidence to master the entire sales cycle.”

If he had to highlight a single topic, it would be social selling. In today's digital age, social selling is crucial, especially on LinkedIn, which is why Robin and Michael covered this topic extensively during the training. When asked about the keys to his daily success, Michael emphasized social selling.

Michael's key to success

Today Michael is a top performer at Tutum, and his journey has given him valuable advice for aspiring professionals. He stresses how important it was for his performance and career to have a mentor and coach.

“My most important piece of advice? Get coaching as soon as possible, and if you can, do it with hyrise.”

Michael recommends that young sales people look for a mentor who supports them with their daily problems and gives them tools and framework conditions to help them achieve success. It's hard to do everything without assistance, from writing effective emails to mastering communication.

Michael attributes much of his success to Robin's unwavering support. Their collaboration was not limited to weekly meetings, Michael also reached out to Robin via various channels such as LinkedIn or email whenever he had an idea. This partnership has helped him reach new heights in his career.

We couldn't resist asking Michael about his favorite type of ice cream. With a smile, he confessed to us his fondness for stracciatella, a classic choice that reflected his appreciation for life's simple pleasures.

Michael's story shows that bold career leaps can lead to a more fulfilling career and a more fulfilling life. It also highlights how important effective and continuous coaching and training is to make the most of the new career opportunity.

We're very proud of you Michael, keep it up! 🚀

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