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From the healthcare sector to tech sales. Meet Linda

Find out why Linda wanted to join the world of tech sales to fundamentally change her career and life. - Hyrise experience

“I fell in love with the Hyrise idea because I'm a philanthropist. I love dealing with and working with people. That's why I worked in the healthcare industry first, but Hyrise gave me the opportunity to work with people in the tech industry, which I really wanted.” ‍

Before Hyrise

Von der Gesundheitsbranche zum Tech Sales

Linda is one of our most energetic students who has successfully changed her career and is now working in the tech sales industry. She was born in Uganda, grew up in Germany and has lived a very international life, having lived in countries such as Mexico and Bali, but also in cosmopolitan cities such as London. She loves playing the piano and producing music. One of her great passions is to sew her own dirndls, she has a collection of fifteen homemade dirndls, inspired by different periods. Linda definitely knows how to enjoy her hobbies.

Before joining Hyrise, Linda worked in the healthcare sector and cared for young people with disabilities. However, she had to contend with some aspects of her role:

  • The German healthcare system is very archaic and underfinanced.
  • There are not enough qualified personnel and the systems are not working efficiently.
  • Everything just got worse after the Covid outbreak. She felt that her employers lacked empathy and that there were no resources for emotional support.

She felt that she needed to change her life and career to get out of this situation.

She wanted a flexible job that would give her financial stability. At first, she thought of entering the world of programming. That's how she learned the basics of web development and coding in Python. But then things took a new turn when she came across one of our promotional videos, which really impressed her. What really appealed to them was the idea of being in direct contact with customers. She liked that because the direct contact with people and working with them was very attractive to her.

“I wanted to change my career, but I wanted a job that suited my personality. I'm a philanthropist. I don't doubt I would have been great at Python, but... would I have been happy if I woke up to this reality every day? There, I'm not so sure about that. But I could definitely imagine working with people in the tech sector in the long term.”

She took part in Hyrise's week-long Sales Challenge and had a lot of fun doing it. She decided to take a leap of faith and apply. She successfully completed the boot camp and was able to combine it with her job on the side.

Hyrise experience

The job search

She was very lucky in her job search. Two weeks before graduation, she was overwhelmed with interview requests from various companies. So much so that, she had to stop at some point because she lacked the time and capacity to answer all inquiries.

“I sent off my resignation before I got a job because I was sure I would be hired because the response rate from people who wanted to hire me was very high. So once again I took a leap of faith and resigned.”

She finally conducted 14 job interviews, five of which ended with a job offer. She chose to work at Collibra as a BDR, completely remotely. She is the first BDR in Germany and has the opportunity to build her own team.

“I've received a lot of offers via LinkedIn. I received this thanks to the adjustments I made to my profile after I had the tips from Nikki Ivey's Masterclass had taken over. It really helped me improve my LinkedIn presence.”

The boot camp

What Linda liked the most about our boot camp was the Masterclasses. During these hours, she got the most inspiration to manage the workflow and build her personal brand. She also loved the support she received from the Hyrise team, particularly Dom and Gemma.

“I felt that no matter what or when, we were always encouraged to ask the questions we wanted to ask. And even if they didn't know the answer at the time, they looked it up and got back to us afterwards. That is really important, especially in online courses.”

She had the feeling that although the teachers in other online courses were very good, the pedagogy for imparting knowledge was not the best.

“Dom and Alvaro's lessons were down to earth and comprehensible. It felt like you were studying with a friend.”

Overall experience

Now Linda is very happy and fulfilled in her new job. She enjoys the fact that she can work with people and combine work with travel at the same time.

“Hyrise showed me that the sky isn't the limit, it's just a matter of your attitude. If you really want something, you just have to get it and believe in yourself.”

Your advice for future Hyrisers

“Just do it!”

Linda advises seeing the profit you can make from this experience. At the end of the day, it's your life, and nothing is worth more or more important than being happy with your life.

Do you want to start your career in tech sales? Apply here.

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