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Hyrise is the ultimate solution for job seekers looking to break into the tech sales industry, providing a comprehensive and tailored program including individual coaching and workshops, guidance and support throughout the entire hiring process, and ongoing onboarding assistance all for free, to help individuals without previous experience build the skills and confidence needed to land their dream job and excel in their new role.

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How does it work?


Submit your application, and we will review it to ensure it meets the requirements of our hiring partners. If there is a potential fit, we will contact you to confirm the details.

Get shortlisted

If you have the right motivation and soft skills, we will get you shortlisted for 150+ top tech companies. We carefully select only candidates with the best potential.

Ace the interviews

We'll prepare you for the interviews with the company and make sure you have the basic knowledge of tech sales and are ready to nail the interview process.

Succeed together

We provide ongoing support throughout the hiring process, until you get the job offer. Once hired, we support you with the onboarding to ensure you excel in your new role.

Why Hyrise?

Hear from some of our amazing alumni who changed their lives with Hyrise.
“I wanted to work closer to people, better culture and career progression opportunities. After joining Hyrise I received 3 job offers to work remotely at great tech startups”
Sebastian Jaeggle
SDR @ZScaler
“Hyrise gave me the opportunity to work with tech companies, broaden my horizons and elevate my skills. It was a great experience. I found a job as an SDR at Kubermatic in less than 2 weeks.”
Theresa Korle
SDR @Kubermatics
"I loved the idea working in sales because I love to interact and work with people. After joining Hyrise I did 14 interviews, from which five resulted in job offers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"
Linda Kalendzhiev
BDR @Collibra
"With Hyrise's preparation, I felt ready to take over the tech sales world. It helped me
understand more about myself and to achieve my goals in a much more effective way. I tried many other methods but none of them got me this far."
Julien Zeiler
SDR @Tradelink
"Have you ever tried to apply to a sales related job and not made it past phase 1 due to lack of experience? Me too. That's why I decided to overcome this situation and join Hyrise Academy. I'm now an SDR at a top SaaS company in Dublin!"
Jaime Sanchez Jurado
SDR @Wayflyer
"Hyrise changed my life! Now I have a job that is compatible with my lifestyle. I love my job and my team, I love everything about it."
Lyn Kalthoff
SDR @POSpulse