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Requirements for applicants

Native or very fluent German language skills.
Have at least 3h to dedicate to the job hunt
Interested in starting a career in tech sales.

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Is it really free?

Yes, our mission is to get as many people into fulfilling careers as possible. Our hiring partners pay a fee upon hire, and the service remains 100% free for candidates like you.

Do I need previous experience to apply?

No, you don't need any specific previous experience. Our psychologists are qualified experts with experience in clinical psychology, group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. You can find out more about our team on the "About us" page on our website.

Which roles are you offering?

If you have little previous experience, the most common entry-level position in technical sales is that of Sales Development Representatives (SDR) or the Business Development Representatives (BDR).

SDRs/BDRs focus on generating potential customers (leads) and qualifying them (ensuring they have the potential to become customers). The exact activities vary by company and industry, but generally include acquisition activities and conducting requirements analysis.

The next step up the career ladder in technical sales is usually to get a Account Executive (AE) to become. AEs will generally engage in less outreach and acquisition, but will continuously communicate with customers to support them right through to completion.

What salary can I expect?

It depends on your experience and background. The average OTE (On-Target Earnings) salary for a junior newcomer as an SDR or BDR in Germany is €50,000. Career development in technical sales is performance-oriented and fast, so depending on your performance, you can quickly get promoted and improve your salary.

Do we offer remote work options?

It depends on each company! Most of our partners are in Germany, and some prefer office work while others offer remote options. In general, the industry is fairly flexible.

How long does it take to find a job?

On average, our candidates usually find a job between 3 and 5 weeks. Wie lange es dauert, bis man einen Job findet, hängt natürlich von jedem Einzelnen ab und von der Hingabe und dem Engagement, das man in die Stellensuche steckt.

What type of company can I work for?

The companies that hire technology sales teams are very diverse. They will usually be companies that sell some type of software to other companies. You can work in almost any industry, from companies that offer healthcare solutions like Doctolib to companies that work in the food industry like Choco, or Hubspot, which offers a CRM platform.

Need more examples? Here are a few other companies to give you a better idea (we don't necessarily work with all of these partners): Salesforce, Google, Amazon, Zoom, Twilio, Dropbox, Asana, Highspot, Carta...

What does the process look like?

Fill out our application form: Fill out our 10-minute form and answer a few basic questions about yourself and your motivation.

Screening interview: If you meet our criteria, you'll have a conversation with our team to get to know you, join the program, and answer any questions you may have.

Preparation: Once you've been selected, you'll complete our technical sales crash course and job interviews and take part in one of our individual coaching sessions. You will learn the basics of technical sales, how to create an impressive profile for employers and how to master your job interviews.

Conduct job interviews and get a job: As soon as your profile is ready, you will start application processes with our companies. Don't worry, we won't leave you alone in this process. You will receive coaching and support from us until you find your dream job.

What criteria do we use to select candidates?

Attitude: We don't pay attention to your background or experience. We are looking for people who are motivated, committed and enthusiastic to work in technical sales.

availability: You must be looking for a full-time job and be able to spend at least 3 hours a week looking for a job.

languages: At this stage, you must speak German at level C1 or above, as most of our hiring partners are based in Germany. (We are planning to expand to other countries soon). We also expect a certain level of English language skills (B2+).

Soft Skills: We're looking for specific soft skills (communication, resilience, curiosity, and problem-solving skills). We will evaluate them during our screening interview.

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