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hyrise Academy

supercharge your sales team with continuous enablement

Continuous enablement via coaching and individual training paths to boost your team's performance

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B2B sales reps forget 70% of their training in one week and 87% in one month."
Sales teams with continuous training achieve 50% higher net sales.
With hyrise Academy you can quickly build your own continuous scalable training program at a fraction of the cost.
But building an in-house training ecosystem is expensive and time consuming.

hyrise Academy: how it works

Our training is continuous, data-driven and personalized.

Step 1: Assessment

Perform a skills gap analysis to identify strengths and areas of improvement

Step 2: Coaching

Have regular coaching sessions with your personal sales coach

Step 3: Training

Focus on micro-learning activities and practice tasks in between sessions

Continuous feedback: Track progress

Track progress and continuously adapt the training path

Use cases: trainings with a clear goal

Our training plans always have a clear goal, and cater to both new and experienced employees.

Intensive programs designed specifically
to ramp up new employees.

Onboard sales newbies
Trainings focused on ramp-up are more structured and cover a wider variety of topics.
Skyrocket speed-to-productivity and ramp reps in as few as 10 days.

Intensive programs designed to
boost one specific skill.

Improve specific skills
Upskilling trainings focus on one or two specific skills at a time.
Learn skills 2.3x faster and achieve 76% more won deals.

Bring your sales team
to the next level

Internal Training

No bandwidth to train the team
Head of sales too busy with daily operations
Sales enablement team non-existent or too small
No pro expertise in continuous tailored training programs 


Continuous enablement 
Customized training journey
Modular approach
High ROI 
Best option

External Training

One-time training is not effective and has little impact
One size fits all model tends to fail
Expensive and time intensive
Too theoretical - little practical focus

Meet our sales trainers

We are working with experienced industry experts to ensure uniformly high training & coaching quality

Sales Enablement @ Hyrise

Max is a certified business coach and holds a NLP Master degree.
In his more than 15 years of experience he has helped over 40 companies to elevate their outreach with training, coaching, consulting, management and of course hands-on frontline execution to optimize communication, maximize productivity and efficiency, hit and exceed targets and ultimately grow their revenue.

Co-Founder @ Hyrise

Dominic started his career going through a trainee program at Siemens AG, where he specialized in sales having eceived intensive sales training and mentorship. After working as account manager in Siemens’ IT and Telco unit, he completed a 2 year MBA with entrepreneurship focus in Chicago, USA.  Back in Germany he started POSpulse, one of Europe’s leading companies for digitized market research. Dom is all about Sales and enabling people to live to the fullest of their potential.

Sandra Van de Pas has more than 20 years of experience in international sales & business development.
During this time she has been working for several manufacturers of technical investment goods providing full cycle sales activities within different European markets.
Nowadays, she is self-employed and passes on her experience as a business & sales coach to people who want to be successful in their job.

VP of Sales @ Sparrks

Chris is an experienced sales professional and commercial leader. A business graduate with a proven track record in mid-market sales and exceeding ambitious growth targets, he describes himself as an optimist.Over 10 years of experience working in B2B and B2C sales and marketing teams. He is passionate about coaching, enabling others, and building lasting relationships.

Director Inside Sales @ All for One Group SE

Within the last 10 years of her career, she collected sales management experience in retail, consulting, and IT - in DACH and abroad - have always been working in fast paced environments with great teams.

Since 2019, Kira is leading the Inside Sales and Digital Sales Org at the All for One Group SE.

B2B Sales Coach & Trainer

As one of the first employees at a SaaS start-up, Capmo, Mia has been through all the ups and downs of a fast-scaling company.

Building the outbound sales department equipped her with extensive hands-on experience in full-cycle sales, onboarding new colleagues and bringing them quickly up-to-speed.

Why hire a Hyriser?

Top talent

We select and train the best.
Our candidates go through a rigorous selection process. During the course they get trained and receive coaching from the best talent in the industry.

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Hyrisers come from all walks of life.
Our mission is to make tech accessible for people from all backgrounds and locations. Diverse teams perform better, are more creative and productive.

Faster ramp up

Ready to hit the ground running.
No mock exercises - our candidates perform real sales. They're familiar with the use of a CRM and other core tools while mastering inbound and outbound sales.

Success-based payment

Our success depends on yours.
We're fully committed to providing the right candidates for your team. If they don't stay on for 3 months, we help you replace them or we refund you.

What makes Hyrisers top-performers?

Careful selection and state-of-the-art training

1. Selection

We select untapped talent with huge potential
Every candidate goes through a rigorous, skills-based selection process designed to evaluate the cadidates strengths, weaknesses and future potential success. We use this assessment to tailor training andmatch candidates to companies for a perfect fit.

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2. Mastery-based training

All candidates need to demonstrate a deep level of understanding of a topic or subject area before progressing onto the next one. This allows us to guarantee every single student is at a certain level.

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3. Real-world practice and feedback

There's no better practice than the real-deal. All our candidates have significant real sales experience under their belt. Additionally, they all get paired with an individual coach with extensive experience for personalized feedback.

Ready to chat?

Jump on a call with our team to see how we can help take your sales team to the next level.

Trusted by 150+ companies in DACH
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What our partners say about us

"Focused and highly effective. At hyrise Academy, our sales colleagues practice the essentials about tech sales in a condensed manner. This shortens onboarding and accelerates productivity. The customized and experience-based coaching by Dominic and his team is of great value to us."

Hans-Martin Vetter

CCO at Teleclinic

"hyrise's onboarding training is crazy effective and offers a high, fast ROI. Sales people are more successful both short-term and more importantly, long-term. Our SDR had already reached their quota in the very first month. Absolute recommendation!"

Elena Bergmann-Eggeling

CEO at PosPulse

“hyrise Academy's approach offers the ideal combination of practice and theory to effectively prepare our SDRs for the sales role in a complex B2B SaaS environment. Currently, our 3rd SDR is completing the training, and we continue to be thrilled.”

David Alain Boch

CEO at Legartis

“We love how easy to use the platform is. It helps us to make our recruitment process faster and more efficient.

Anna Fischer

Talent Acquisition Partner at Planday

We have developed a great partnership with hyrise Academy. Their platform is easy to use and the support, selection process and customer service is excellent. hyrise has already had a positive impact on our hiring strategy and we are happy to recommend their service to anyone who is looking to build up a sales team themselves.
We’re excited about our continued growth and looking forward to more success."

Marcel Berg

Acquistion Consultan at SiteMinder

"We found our first candidate within 30 days. We love how easy to navigate the platform is. Very happy!"

Francisco Caballero

Recruiter at Highspot

"The hyrise concept convinced us right from the start and provided us with promising talent within a very short time!"

Christopher Roskowetz

Co-Founder at BluPlanet

"hyrise widens the talent pool for tech sales, giving us access to profiles not coming from a sales background but which nevertheless have transferable skills and potential for sales."

Suzanna Sobolewska

Talent Acquisition Specialist at SiteMinder

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