Expert Session

Ben Meuthen: Lessons from 10,000 cold calling

Benedikt Meuthen has had a highly successful career in tech sales and is currently Enterprise AE at Asana. He shared his best practices from 10,000 cold calling as part of our expert classes at Hyrise Academy.

What is included?

A 1-hour webinar in which Ben goes into detail about how you can drastically improve your cold calling skills.

His 8 key lessons briefly summarized:

  • 💡 #1: Prepare your day or set yourself up for failure
  • 💡 #2: Watch yourself before you ruin yourself
  • 💡 #3: Have a calling routine 💡 #4: Structure is the key — the 90/10 rule
  • 💡 #5: Start with a BANG! 💡 #6: Whoever asks leads the conversation
  • 💡 #7: Complete, win, repeat...
  • 💡 #8: Work isn't done until it's done