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What does a sales career at Doctolib look like?

A career in tech sales is becoming increasingly attractive for various reasons. It offers flexibility at work, the opportunity to continuously learn and develop, and last but not least, high earning potential. In addition, the software and Internet industry is booming and is undoubtedly one of the leading economic sectors of the future.

One of the fastest growing companies in the eHealth tech industry is Doctolib with one of the largest sales teams in the German healthcare market. Doctolib is growing quickly and is looking for motivated new sales talent across Germany to join its mission of improving healthcare in partnership with medical professionals. Together they want to create the largest community of healthcare providers and build the practices and hospitals of the future. For this reason, we have joined forces to offer talented career and career changers a new professional challenge at Doctolib after training in tech sales.

As part of our selected applicants go through several interviews and are then hired by a leading technology company like Doctolib. Previous sales experience or special qualifications are not required as we will train you on the job once you are hired. Rather, qualities such as empathy, willingness to develop and learn, trustworthiness and resilience are required. We had the pleasure of interviewing two Doctolib employees to gain a deeper insight into the daily work and corporate culture. Nelly Pfeiffer (NP) is City Manager, Dominik Jeremic (DJ), Inside Sales Manager. Nelly and Dominik told us what they did before their time at Doctolib, what it was like to change careers, what daily work in sales is like and so on how diverse the development opportunities are.

Nelly Pfeifer, Dominik Jeremic
Nelly Pfeifer, City Manager and Dominik Jeremic, Inside Sales Manager

What did you do before you joined Doctolib and why did you decide to sell at Doctolib?

NP: I worked as a practice manager in various medical practices until I introduced Doctolib in the last practice. After working with Doctolib for 1 year, I decided to switch to Doctolib.

DJ: My time before Doctolib was characterized by working in various positions in various major hotel chains. I worked my way up from training as a hotel specialist to dual studies in sales within almost 10 years. The switch to Doctolib was largely due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the consequences for tourism. It was important to me to find a reliable partner with future prospects and an innovative spirit. Doctolib exceeded all expectations here. For me personally, this career change is definitely part of a positive development during the pandemic.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

DJ: The working day in sales at Doctolib is characterized by a great deal of personal responsibility and individuality. Of course, there are activities that are repeated regularly. This includes check-in/check-out with the team, documenting my work in Salesforce, sales calls and the resulting hiring and training appointment with customers, as well as exciting cold calling over the phone. However, the structure of the day remains up to me in principle. This requires discipline, but provides plenty of opportunities for development and fun at work. It is never boring, because at Doctolib, you are challenged and you challenge yourself every day.

NP: There is also the joint preparation and follow-up of appointments as well as' scripting 'and 'scripting sessions' to constantly improve the 'sales skills' and product knowledge of me and my team. It is also important to exchange ideas with the product and marketing team in order to improve here too and to keep pace with the times.

Extensive breaks during which I take my dog for a walk are essential. Breaks are really important during busy and intensive days.

How has your image of sales changed compared to the time before you worked at Doctolib?

DJ: I always looked at hotel sales exclusively on a personal level; it was the relationship with the customer that counts.

At Doctolib, I got to know another page that is absolutely necessary for successful sales - a strong focus on KPIs. You have to clearly define your goals and evaluate them on a daily basis. It's the only way to stay on track and challenge yourself. That is exactly what leads to successful sales that are fun. Of course, the personal level remains an essential part.

What onboarding and training does Doctolib offer?

DJ: I will certainly report only positively about my onboarding with Doctolib for a very long time. I've never experienced such a structured and almost perfectly organized onboarding — completely remotely! As a new joiner, you can immediately feel how much passion the HR team is investing in this decisive phase with a new employer. Exciting and instructive discussions with top management, intensive training on the product and corporate philosophy, numerous introductory activities and intensive preparations for the actual job made it particularly easy for me to familiarise myself with the complex structure of my team.

What are the development opportunities at Doctolib?

DJ: Our team is characterized in particular by many young people who can make rapid progress with diligence. By constantly reflecting on your own activities with your supervisor, it is ensured that you achieve the clearly formulated and self-set goals. In doing so, you develop accordingly and also get many opportunities to get involved and work up.

NP: I can only agree with that. I myself started out as a business developer, was then a mentor, now I'm a city manager and I'm currently working on the next opportunity for myself to develop myself. I am heavily supported by my manager and the entire team.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

NP: That I can make decisions for myself and act independently. I also love my team, which backs me up and makes my work fun, for example through various team events, etc.

DJ: Certainly working in a team, because this is characterized above all by collegiality and mutual motivation. But above all selling our solution to the many problems in practices. It always fills me with joy when I talk to the therapists after a while and receive almost exclusively positive feedback. With Doctolib, we create significant changes and this motivates me and is incredibly fun.

What is special about sales at Doctolib compared to other companies?

NP: We don't have an elbow mentality — we help each other with everything that goes into the entire sales cycle. Regardless of whether you are a business developer or a regional manager!

DJ: On the one hand, Doctolib's team spirit is impressive. You can tell that every individual is convinced of our product and our service and that they also radiate this. On the other hand, working in sales at Doctolib is characterized by a great deal of independence, self-discipline, motivation and diligence. You can develop yourself incredibly well and freely organize your daily work routine. I am firmly convinced that this is very rare and makes Doctolib a top employer.

What are important/central skills to be successful as a sales manager?

DJ: Every sales manager at Doctolib should be highly motivated and enthusiastic about the new challenges. You definitely need a lot of self-discipline in this job. However, many decision makers have the ability to actively listen, understand needs and establish connections with potential customers on a personal level.

NP: I always say you have to be a fox. For me, this means that a BD must be able to quickly think outside the box. You are strong in sales when you always have an answer - it doesn't have to be the perfect answer, but a friendly and competent answer that convinces customers of you and is backed by the product.

What tip do you have for aspiring sales talent?

NP: Keep annoying. And in a positive sense - because if you stick with it and don't let yourself be shaken off, you'll get exactly where you belong. Never forget that any kind of feedback makes you grow. The more feedback, the better and faster you can develop yourself.

DJ: Be ambitious but humble at the same time. Always work hard and yet always remember a healthy balance between work and leisure. This is the only way you can keep a constant and achieve success regularly. Don't let defeats demotivate you. Each “no” takes you one step further to “yes.” In conclusion — a consistently positive mindset is the key to success!

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