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Ibrahim finds his work-life balance and professional success with hyrise

May I introduce Ibrahim. He had run his own company in Germany for several years. However, as he dedicated himself fully to his work, he missed the precious moments with his son in the first 1.5 years of his life.

Driven by the desire to spend more time with his family, Ibrahim made the difficult decision to close his company and sell everything he had built up. He decided to take a break for a year, but after just one month he realized that he needed to find something to work with, otherwise he would go crazy from all his free time.

“One evening I decided to watch TV, which I hadn't done in years because I didn't have time to do it. DHDL was running right now, and it was exactly Hyrise's pitch. I really liked the idea, and if I had still had my business, I would probably have hired my sales team through hyrise.”

Fascinated by what he saw, Ibrahim decided to apply to hyrise without any expectations. To his surprise, after a few weeks, he received a message from Mona, his talent consultant, that the company ContentPepper was interested in his profile. As a start-up, they needed someone with some experience, and Ibrahim knew he was the perfect fit for the role. He joined ContentPepper in January and is now, after five months, overjoyed with his new job.

“I had some sales experience but not in B2B sales, so I had to adapt quite a bit. I needed to understand that the sales process doesn't take 30 minutes, but 3-5 months.”
“Another significant change was that I had two days to myself over the weekend and was able to think about vacations, things I'd never considered when running my own business. My life has now completely changed and I have the work-life balance to spend time with my family.”

Ramp-up training experience

Since ContentPepper is a start-up, there was little to no documentation about how sales work in the company. However, hyrise's ramp-up training made it easier for him to get started. His sales trainer Isabell helped him get on board faster and shine in his new role.

“My favorite part of the training was individual coaching from Isabell, my trainer. I was able to tell her exactly what I needed and she adapted to my learning process and requirements. She is amazing, always motivates me to be better and finds the right words to get me into the sales flow.”
“Your support made a real difference when starting my new job compared to doing it alone. Her experience was invaluable, and when I had specific challenges or issues, she helped me change my perspective on them and make the best of them.”

Tips for future hyrisers

“No matter which company you work for, act as if it were your family business, because that's when you'll be successful.”

Ibrahim's success story shows how a career in technology sales gave him the work-life balance he needed for years. Would you like to start your career in technology sales? Apply today and we'll help you find your dream job!

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