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From retail to tech sales for more work-life balance

How Nadja switched her career from retail to technical sales for a better work-life balance Meet Nadja, she is 33 years old. In her free time, she likes to go on vacation where the sun shines. Some of her favorite places include Spain, Greece, and Thailand.

Before Hyrise

Nadja worked in retail for 10 years, and before joining Hyrise, she worked at a fashion store. She really enjoyed her last job because she was in constant contact with her customers, and that is something that is very close to her heart. But she knew she didn't want to work in retail all her life.

“Retail is a good job for students to earn some extra money, but not a full-time job. The days are very long and the salary isn't the best. Every day I came home at 10:00 and had little or no time for myself.”

“In my old job, I lacked many development opportunities because my ultimate goal was to become a managing director. And I didn't want to make that my end goal.”

She eventually began studying marketing and economics to broaden her professional horizons. During one of her breaks, she came across one of our social media posts and her life began to radically change.

Your Hyrise experience

“I decided to apply and two hours later I was called by the Talent Success team. In no time at all, I created my profile on the talent platform. It was a super quick and easy process.”
“As soon as my profile was activated, I received a great many interview requests. I had 15 interviews in two weeks. I was very surprised by the number of interviews, I didn't expect so many to come so quickly.”

Thanks to our workshops and the constant support of our Talent Success Team, Nadja was able to successfully complete all of her job interviews and feel confident. Her Talent Advisor helped her get through all job interviews while working at her old job, which took a huge burden off her shoulders.

“I applied on July 27 and was hired by SiteMinder as an SDR on August 30. Without Hyrise, I would not have been able to change my job in such a short time and so easily.”

After Hyrise

She is super happy in her new position, the team and the working environment are super nice. However, she still has a lot to learn first, as she comes from another industry and now has to work with systems that she did not know before. But she is getting better every day and all her efforts are worthwhile.

“My life has changed radically! Now I have the weekends to myself, and the fact that I have so much more time to do what I enjoy has changed my personal balance a lot.”

Tips for future hyrisers

“If you want to get a job in tech sales, don't do it alone, choose Hyrise. Never write a letter of motivation again and forget the boring and long application processes that lead nowhere. Hyrise is the future of job hunting.”

Do you also want to start your career in tech sales? Apply today!

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