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From management consultant to BDM: Alexander's journey to a more fulfilling career

There are moments in life when you have to admit that your career path doesn't always meet your expectations despite years of experience. It takes courage to reorient yourself and make a fresh start.

In this success story, we share Alexander's inspiring journey from studying in Trier to the world of auditing and business consulting to his bold step into tech sales.

Before hyrise

Alexander grew up in the charming town of Trier on the border with Luxembourg. He spent the first 18 to 19 years of his life here and completed his Abitur. After graduating from high school, Alexander ventured to South America, more specifically Bolivia. This experience became a turning point in his life. Here he learned to leave his comfort zone, try out new things and broaden his horizons — an experience from which he still benefits greatly today.

After returning to Trier, Alexander completed his studies in International Business Spanish. With his freshly obtained bachelor's degree, he moved to New York for a year, where he worked in finance. His path then took him to Luxembourg, where he worked at KPMG in the areas of auditing and business consulting.

Although Alexander learned a lot and met great people, he did not feel completely comfortable in the corporate structures. He longed to contribute more of his creativity and his own ideas. That was the moment when he asked himself how he could look at the “big picture” and where his professional future should lead in the long term.

Alexander came across Tech Sales through discussions with various people. The idea of working in sales inspired him.

Alexander first began applying to various tech sales companies on his own. However, due to his high level of education and extensive professional experience, the job search for a position as an SDR was difficult and he was often met with skepticism. But Alexander did not give up.

Alexander's experience with Hyrise

When Alexander became aware of hyrise via the program “Die Höhle der Löwen”, he found an opportunity to redesign his career here.

“I particularly liked the fact that hyrise offers a large selection of partner companies, so that there is something for everyone and you can choose according to your individual interests.”

Here, too, the job search was initially somewhat difficult due to his high level of professional experience. However, he remained persistent and emphasized the great support from Selina from our talent team, who supported and motivated him very strongly during this phase.

“When looking for a job, it was particularly important to me to find a position where I could develop myself and have a long-term perspective.”

Alexander's start in tech sales

His persistence finally paid off. At the company POSpulse He found the perfect position for him as Business Development Manager. This is his area of responsibility for the app WesPotr, where, in addition to the typical tasks of an SDR, he also contributes his experience in strategy consulting and is responsible for developing the strategy.

“It is never too late to start something new. Change can always be positive.”

Alexander's story shows that it is never too late to make a bold career change. His advice to anyone interested in tech sales is: You're never too old, too advanced, or stuck in a position to make a change. Change can always be positive. Even if you've worked in a job for a long time that may not have made you 100% happy, you can still start something new as a career changer and the time is by no means wasted. You always have certain skills and competencies from your old job that can be used in your new job. Tech sales in particular is such an extensive field that there are always opportunities.

The story of Alexander Blau is a source of inspiration for all those who long for change and want to find their true calling. We are proud to be part of his journey and are excited to see what successes the future has in store for him. 🚀

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