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From hospitality industry to tech sales: Toni's journey with hyrise

When the pandemic broke out, Toni had to make some tough decisions. Find out how he made the leap from hospitality to digital sales with our help!

Before Hyrise

Toni, originally from Germany, began his career in the hospitality industry, constantly looking for the opportunity to grow beyond himself and learn new skills. His tireless passion and dedication drove him forward until he met an unexpected obstacle...

The pandemic hit.

The hospitality industry suffered a severe blow and employees were left with no opportunities to develop or acquire new skills. Toni quickly realized that he needed to rethink and look for new opportunities outside the hospitality industry.

After a chance meeting with a friend, Toni's career took an unexpected turn. This friend, a former colleague who had started sales a few months earlier, showed Toni that selling was much more than the stereotypical cold calling by telephone that he had imagined.

Toni discovered the immense potential behind this career path and wanted to know more.

Strong together with Hyrise

During his job search, Toni was lucky enough to come across an ad from hyrise while browsing LinkedIn. Fascinated by the company's approach, he found the courage to apply and although application processes are often lengthy and bureaucratic, hyrise turned it into an interactive and personal experience that helped him through the entire process.

Toni was overjoyed when he was accepted into the program. A few weeks earlier, he had only been rejected for SDR jobs by another recruitment agency, but of course that didn't stop him. Hyrise was a perfect match for him and vice versa. After the initial conversation with his personal advisor, Selina, Toni felt motivated and inspired, which he describes as a decisive moment on his journey.

“hyrise appreciated and believed in me and let me know that I had made the right decision to join the tech sales industry.”

Toni really appreciated having Hyrise by his side throughout the process. The mentoring and ongoing support helped him every step of the way to his new dream job and he felt safe and comfortable to ask questions, get advice, and connect with his advisor.

Before joining Hyrise, Toni was always a bit nervous before job interviews, but his advisor prepared him for every step of the journey, and he felt ready to apply the newly acquired knowledge directly.

“I felt like I was talking to a friend, but one who knew exactly what she was doing.”

Life as a BDR

Toni was soon hired as BDR at Enginsight. After a few months, he can now say that his superpower and the source of his success is being comfortable communicating with people and building a long-lasting relationship. Because of his great passion for what he does, it is easy for him to connect with customers and motivate them. He developed this skill through working in the hospitality industry and reading about effective communication. He is now able to transfer this skill to his new career in technical sales.

His advice for other career changers?

“Don't let fear and setbacks stop you! Look at rejections as opportunities and learn from them.”

Toni's resilience and stamina have helped him turn a series of “no's” into a resounding “yes.” So he wants to encourage everyone to see rejections as opportunities to succeed.

Apart from his professional development, there is one more thing you should know about Toni: Strawberries are his favorite ice cream - classic!

From talking to him, it is clear that Toni's success is based on his determination, adaptability and commitment to learning new things. The message in Toni's story is clear: Perseverance paired with faith in yourself have the power to change your life.

Toni, we wish you all the best for your professional career and are looking forward to further successes from you 🚀.

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