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5 best jobs after studying business administration - occupations with a future

You've finished studying and now you are faced with the question of which career you will choose? 🤔

A high salary is on your wish list, but it is much more important for you to join an industry that will continue to be in demand in the future. It is not without reason that business administration is one of the most popular courses of study; as a business graduate, the doors to some of the best-paid professions are open to you.

We'll give you one here Overview of the best jobs for career starters after graduation.

5 jobs with a future:

1. Consulting

As a consultant or management consultant, it is Your task is to advise a company on a specific topic, using special methodological knowledge.

These are primarily taught in economics, such as business studies.

Private universities also offer special courses in this area.

In addition to important knowledge of international business, the subjects that teach the skills of adequate consulting include economic transactions, company law and financial accounting.

As a good consultant, you should be able to look at the various areas in a connecting way and not ignore related fields, such as marketing and HR.

Without question, business consulting is an exciting but also challenging job. In addition to a lot of variety, this career choice will reward you with a salary range from 45,200€ to 66,900€. This results in a high difference between federal state and experience.

2. Tech Sales/Digital Sales

Sales, particularly in the B2B sector, is an ideal job for business graduates, as it is one of the best-paid professions and will remain in demand in the future.

In sales, you're judged on performance and have the freedom to follow your own schedule as long as you achieve your goals.

You'll also have the opportunity to improve your efficiency and planning skills, which is beneficial for a career as an entrepreneur or manager.

In tech sales, you will also learn how to optimally adapt to potential customers and gain customer trust.

The average starting salary in tech sales in Germany is around 42,000 euros per year, but with bonuses and commissions, it is possible to significantly increase the salary.

3. Human resources

As an employee in human resources, you are concerned with mainly with personnel management. Overall, however, recruiting and hiring potential employees and conducting job interviews are only a small part of the “Human Resources” task area.

Your obligations also include training and supervising other personnel. The area of job security is also often closely linked to the HR department.

The average salary as a personnel manager is 53,000 to 65,100€. It is usually not possible to increase the salary through commissions and bonuses.

4. Controlling

As a controller You are fully responsible for financial decisions. A high affinity for figures and financial thinking is, of course, a prerequisite here. However, you should also be able to assert yourself well and have first-class analytical skills.

The basis of your work is the target/actual comparison, which usually means close cooperation with the accounting department. At the same time, as a controller, you are also responsible for making reliable future forecasts, on the basis of which decisions for long-term projects can be made.

The high computational and at the same time analytical requirements placed on controllers are paid accordingly highly. Controllers start with a starting salary of 43,500€ per year.

5. Marketing and advertising

In marketing and advertising, the  image of the company to the outside world is your area of responsibility. For projects to present the company publicly and develop a corporate philosophy, you will often work intensively with various social media channels and develop various advertising strategies.

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