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The 4 best professions for career changers

Anyone looking for career reorientation should take a closer look at these 4 occupations. After all, it is quite natural that personal preferences change over the course of a long working life and the desire for professional development grows stronger. After the frustration at work, it is natural that the idea of a new career comes up.

The 4 best professions for career changers

  1. Tech Sales
  2. Online marketing
  3. guidance
  4. IT

What does career change actually mean?

Career changers are those who dare to make a new start, without studying or training, in an unknown field of work.

What are career changers looking for in their new job?

Career changers have limited career choices because they have access restrictions or are unable to choose every profession for financial reasons. You should keep this in mind if you are looking for a new career as a career changer:

  • Easy formal entry requirements: If a specific education or a university degree is a prerequisite for entry, it may be impossible for career changers to get your job done.
  • Good salary: Career changers usually have financial obligations and even though salary should not be the decisive criterion for changing careers, it plays an important role that should not be underestimated.
  • Demand size: If there is a need for skilled workers in a specific sector, such as SDRs in the DACH region, career changers have relatively good opportunities. You can usually get started quickly and with a good salary.

To change careers is not an easy decision, but must be well thought out. When changing careers, it is not just a question of personal preference. After all, some industries are better suited for lateral entry than others. The following 4 jobs offer particularly exciting opportunities:

1. Tech Sales

Technical sales is a fulfilling career path, which involves selling digital products to other companies. However, don't let the word “sales” scare you off. Digital sales is about getting to know potential customers and helping them solve their problems with your product. This career path is open to everyone because no degree or specific experience is required. In addition, digital sales offers endless and quick career opportunities, and a very good salary awaits you right from the start (€50K starting salary, one of the best-paid professions in Germany). There was no better time to work in the tech sector, it is constantly growing and therefore there is a great demand for sales staff, particularly in the DACH region.

2. Online marketing

A wide range of tasks makes this job attractive for career changers. In addition, there is a great need for employees. Today, no company can do without digital marketing; an online presence on social media must be created and appropriate actions planned. This is about positioning the brand well on social networks and creating various contributions. Talent, willingness to learn, customer orientation and flexibility are often enough to find a job in the industry.

3. Advice

It is not self-evident that you have to study business administration to become a consultant. The consultants come from a wide range of disciplines. As a career changer, you probably won't be able to provide professional advice to a large financial house right away, but there are many other options available to you. It is usually sufficient if you are particularly familiar with a specific industry and can bring your knowledge to the table.

4. IT

Digitalization largely determines our everyday lives, meaning that new jobs are constantly being created and the demand for IT specialists is increasing. This innovative industry is constantly evolving and is extremely future-oriented. For this reason, people who are interested in technology usually have good prospects of finding a job even without appropriate education. In addition, the transparent structure of today's startups is ideal for lateral entry. Even if you start as a support, you can make it to the top with your skills.

We hope that this variety of opportunities has helped you get an idea of where you could start your new career. If you think tech sales is a good career option for you but don't know where to start, don't worry, we can help. Apply today and find a job at a top tech company within 30 days on average.

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