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Define your personal brand statement - examples

Would you like to stand out in the competitive job market and build a personal brand that showcases your unique skills, values and qualities? Then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll show you how to define your personal brand statement and give you a real example to help you formulate your own message.

Get ready to stand out and make a lasting impression on employers, colleagues, and customers.

But before we start...

What is a personal brand statement and why is it important?

Your personal brand statement is like your own personal slogan, it summarizes who you are as an expert and what you offer. It's a way to showcase your unique skills, values, and qualities and stand out in the job market.

If you're looking for a job, an excellent personal brand statement can help you give a big advantage. It helps you show what makes you special and show potential employers why you're the perfect fit for the job.

It also gives you direction and helps you focus on the right opportunities. In short, a personal brand statement is a must in today's competitive working world!

🚨 Before we start wording your statement, We recommend that you first work on your personal canvas to work. There, you define your values, skills, brand attributes, career goals, and target group.

Believe us, taking the time to do this preparatory work is crucial to really make your personal brand statement stand out. It's a chance to think about yourself and your goals, and to make a statement that truly captures the essence of your personality.

Create your personal brand statement

⚙️ instructions

Your personal brand statement consists of 4 parts:

  1. The expertise you offer - let's say it's sales
  2. The end use of your expertise - Think about what people gain or lose when they work with you (time, money, etc.) In this case, increasing sales and customer engagement for customers.
  3. Especially for whom you offer it - Small to medium-sized companies here
  4. What makes you particularly qualified - Extensive experience creating and executing successful campaigns for a wide range of industries.

By combining these 4 parts into a concise narrative, you have your personal brand statement ready!

example: “I'm a sales professional with a passion for marketing and promotional strategies. I help small and medium-sized companies increase their sales and customer loyalty through effective campaigns. With my extensive experience in various industries, I offer unique insights and solutions to drive my clients' success.”

💡 Extra tips:

  1. Read the The following article about “Personal brand statement & tips” And start defining your own.
  2. Remember, it must be 1 or 3 sentences maximum. We recommend that you start big (write as much as you want) and then slowly abbreviate.
  3. There is no right or wrong here. What you choose as your statement belongs to you and only you.
  4. Share it with a friend, see what he thinks. Does the sentence sound like you? There are no right or wrong answers here.

🤩 More examples

These examples can be used as templates for inspiration when creating your own personal brand statement.

General examples

“I help people create new opportunities in their businesses and careers.”

“I'm a personal trainer specialized in weight training and mobility.”

“I give authors visibility on unused advertising platforms where they can share their work.”

“I spark new product ideas for large companies that have stagnating product cycles.”

Sales-specific examples

“I'm a sales professional who focuses on developing powerful campaigns that help companies find new customers. I'm hard-working, a great communicator, and work best in strong team environments.”

“I am a tech sales professional with extensive experience in customer-related roles. I specialize in acquiring through social selling and conducting effective discovery calls. I am curious, eager to learn and intrinsically motivated to be successful.”

“I wake up every morning and run 5 km. That's because I'm intrinsically motivated and fully committed to every project I take on.”

“Selling is my passion. I truly believe that selling is about helping customers solve problems. I enjoy talking to others and diving deep into their problems to create win-win scenarios for companies and customers.”

As you can see, these examples are all about the value they can offer others. They don't digress, but get straight to the point and have the details clarified later.

Summarized is a personal brand message is a crucial aspect of personal branding that helps you communicate your unique value, differentiate yourself and gain opportunities.

Take the time to think about your strengths and values, and make a clear and concise statement to build a strong personal brand. Start now and take control of your image. Good luck on your journey! 🚀

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