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From difficult living conditions to account executive at Revolut: GLEB's incredible story with hyrise

GLEB's incredible success story with hyrise once again shows the irrepressible power of courage and stamina, which led him to rise to account executive at Revolut.

Get ready to meet Gleb, an avid biotechnology enthusiast turned sales expert. In this story, we can accompany him as he leaves his comfort zone, overcomes financial difficulties and enters the exciting world of digital sales. From his initial contact with hyrise to his outstanding role as an account executive at Revolut, GLEB's story is a testimonial of how courage, will, and the right support can change your life.

“I love mixed martial arts, theatre, learning new skills, testing my limits, cooking delicious food, nature, science and talking to friendly people.”

Before hyrise

Gleb is one of those people who is difficult to describe in words. Originally from biotechnology, Gleb, with his innovative spirit, had many wonderful ideas, but had difficulty selling them. Life was tough, he shared a flat with his mother and the financial challenges seemed endless.

During the usual flipping through Instagram, Gleb noticed an ad from hyrise.

After a bit of research about digital sales, he was fascinated. He saw a great opportunity to bring wonderful products together with innovative companies. Gleb admits that he didn't have great expectations when he went through our application process. It seemed too good to be true.

But he had no idea that this would be THE turning point in his life.

Gleb's experience with hyrise

Hyrise served as a springboard for Gleb to showcase his talents and skills and accelerate his career entry into digital sales. His persistence and dedication paid off when he secured a position as “Enterprise Sales Development” at one of our trusted partner companies, Operations1.

Equipped with our onboarding training and support from his new employer, Gleb plunged headlong into the world of sales. Dialing phone numbers became routine as he aimed to help potential customers solve problems and bring them closer to the solutions he offered.

Gleb quickly became the top performer in his company. In addition to his cold calling skills, he was able to regularly secure important meetings with high-level business customers. His secret recipe?

“See every interaction as valuable, because every minute of your customer's time counts.”

GLEB's rapid career advancement

One year after working as Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Operations1, Gleb seamlessly transitioned to the role of Account Executive (AE) at Revolut. His recipe for success? Courage, the will to change and a tireless drive. Gleb is the perfect example of how the right attitude is crucial and that his relentless energy led to his success and made his dreams come true.

When asked about his other career goals, Gleb mentions that he wants to make a lasting impression on the world. He attaches great importance to continuous development, seizes every opportunity to learn and grow and is not afraid to think big.

For those who share GLEB's aspirations for professional success and change, he has important advice: Act now! This reminds us of a quote that we like to share during our training sessions...

“You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to start to be great!”

Gleb is an inspiration for us and all those who dare to dream and pursue their passions. From hardships to success, GLEB's story proves that it's worth taking on opportunities, taking on challenges and believing in yourself unconditionally.

Gleb, we are incredibly proud of you and your successes, because you represent exactly what we stand for at hyrise: giving motivated people access to fulfilling careers and helping them achieve outstanding results in their job! Keep doing this great work! 🚀

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