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How Jakob was able to improve his sales performance with hyrise

Jacob's inspiring story illustrates the tremendous power of continuous training and the right mindset to be successful in digital sales.

Jakob is a 22-year-old software enthusiast from Vienna who has always been passionate about technology. Jakob is currently completing a dual degree in business administration and is working on the side for BluelightSMS, a software company.

Jacob had before joining BluelightSMS no experience or knowledge in digital sales, but saw this as an opportunity to develop professionally and expand his skills.

After Jakob at BluelightSMS Starting out, he received a pleasant surprise. His employer, recognized his potential and decided to purchase continuous coaching through Hyrise Academy for him and his colleague.

Jakobs experiences as a junior salesman with Hyrise Academy

Jakob had simple but significant expectations when he began the program: to learn new skills that expand his knowledge and help him contribute to the success of his business.

“Hyrise Academy's Continuous Enablement Training far exceeded my expectations.”

During the training, he was able to deepen his understanding of digital sales and learn important sales techniques. But in addition to his professional development, the Hyrise Academy encouraged Jakob to constantly get in touch with new people in order to further improve his communication skills. This brought him out of his comfort zone.

Jakob not only learned how to address objections effectively, but also how to change his way of thinking from simply selling products to supporting potential customers. In his opinion, this has a huge impact on the quality of the conversations he has with them.

Jakob attributes his success as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) and Account Executive (AE) to several skills and strengths. He stresses the importance of good organization and structure to manage tasks efficiently and ensure that nothing is lost. He has also strengthened his resilience by tackling uncertainties directly and making his first cold calls.

Since participating in the Hyrise program, he has had a significant increase in his performance and daily activities at BluelightSMS established. He has developed from a novice in sales to an important co-designer of the sales process and works closely with his team to achieve common goals.

His advice to other junior sellers

Jakob's advice for junior sellers is to take the initiative to make the first phone calls and not overthink the outcome, especially at the start. Continuing education and support, good organization and structure, and acceptance of cancellations can also help build resilience and improve communication skills.

“Be prepared and get used to rejections. Use it as an opportunity to learn from it.”

Jakob underlines the importance of continuous training and support, particularly at the start of a career. He notes that such training can help build resilience, improve communication skills, and ultimately result in significant improvements in performance and career development.

“The Hyrise Academy training was comprehensive and ultimately enabled me to improve my performance enormously and develop professionally.”

Jakob's story is truly inspiring. Despite a lack of previous knowledge in digital sales, he has seized his opportunity to work at BluelightSMS and was able to bring his performance to a new level thanks to his enormous willpower paired with our continuous training.

Jakob, we sincerely wish you continued success on your career path. We are looking forward to your future successes. Keep rocking! 🚀

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