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TenForce found their star employee and skyrocketed their sales success

Have you ever struggled to find the right candidate for a job opening? You're not alone!

At TenForce, a SaaS company that helps large manufacturing and chemical companies streamline their processes and improve safety, they recently faced a similar problem.

Back in 2021, TenForce was acquired by Elisa, and with that acquisition came a big expansion plan that required more salespeople to join their team. They started looking for SDRs and AEs in various regions and DACH was one of them. Unfortunately, after 4–6 months of active sourcing, they were not able to find candidates that fitted into their open vacancies.

“We were facing two main difficulties; The volume of applications was very low and finding candidates required a big effort from our HR team, since they had to source them through platforms like LinkedIn. We were not being efficient.”

That's when they discovered hyrise.

“We got the opportunity to meet Dominic, and we felt immediately understood, which made us realize that he had a lot of industry knowledge and experience, which made us trust hyrise from the beginning. We knew we were in good hands.”

They felt very supported throughout the hiring process and loved the ease of screening candidates and scheduling interviews through our unique platform.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the number of candidates that were on the platform. And one of our favorite things was that not all the candidates had previous experience in tech sales but all of them were interested in the industry and were already educated. This was a game changer for us since one of our main issues was the effort and time invested in educating them.”

One of the most significant benefits of working with hyrise was that TenForce could open up their candidate pool to people with relevant experience or the right soft skills and mindset, rather than just targeting those with previous SDR experience, which was a very limited number of people. However, with hyrise’s approach, horizons broaden immensely.

“Finally, we hired Joey, who had some sales experience in the manufacturing industry and had industry-specific knowledge that was very valuable to us. We were blown away by his motivation and curiosity, and he quickly overachieved on targets by 130%.”

“We also really appreciated the ramp-up program that hyrise offered. It wasn't just theoretical training but also practical, with individual coaching sessions and opportunities to network with other SDR’s that were in the same situation, allowing them to learn from each other. Joey really benefited from this program and developed professionally as a result.”

Would you recommend hyrise to others?

“Yes! We truly believe that hyrise has a good talent pool in a market where it is not easy to find the right people. It is full of people with very high potential in a difficult industry.”

Overall, TenForce had a great experience working with hyrise, and would highly recommend them to others. The quality of candidates on the platform, combined with the ease of use, made it a game-changer for TenForce's hiring process.

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