Build high-performance sales teams

Our 8-week training program delivers sales talent that onboards faster, performs better, and stays longer.

Number one best sales bootcamp by course report
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How it works

We can help you hire new talent, or train your existing sales team.

Why hire a Hyriser?

Top talent

We select and train the best.
Our candidates go through a rigorous selection process. During the course they get trained and receive coaching from the best talent in the industry.

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Hyrisers come from all walks of life.
Our mission is to make tech accessible for people from all backgrounds and locations. Diverse teams perform better, are more creative and productive.

Faster ramp up

Ready to hit the ground running.
No mock exercises - our candidates perform real sales. They're familiar with the use of a CRM and other core tools while mastering inbound and outbound sales.

Success-based payment

Our success depends on yours.
We're fully committed to providing the right candidates for your team. If they don't stay on for 3 months, we help you replace them or we refund you.

Our training program

An 8-week online remote program designed by industry leaders with one goal in mind: getting talent to deliver results - fast.

What they learn

Stage 1
Cover basic concepts like SaaS, sales funnel and pipeline and what a career in sales looks like.
Stage 2
Learn how to generate and qualify leads effectively through various channels
Stage 3
Sales psychology, overcoming objections and closing the deal.
Stage 4
Job hunt
Design your personal brand, social profiles and master each step in the job hunt process.

What makes Hyrisers top-performers?

Careful selection and state-of-the-art training

1. Selection

We select untapped talent with huge potential
Every candidate goes through a rigorous, skills-based selection process designed to evaluate the cadidates strengths, weaknesses and future potential success. We use this assessment to tailor training andmatch candidates to companies for a perfect fit.

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2. Mastery-based training

All candidates need to demonstrate a deep level of understanding of a topic or subject area before progressing onto the next one. This allows us to guarantee every single student is at a certain level.

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3. Real-world practice and feedback

There's no better practice than the real-deal. All our candidates have significant real sales experience under their belt. Additionally, they all get paired with an individual coach with extensive experience for personalized feedback.

Ready to chat?

Jump on a call with our team to see how we can help take your sales team to the next level.


What our partners are saying

Hyrise has one of the most effective training programs in the market. I love the curriculum and pedagogical approach, specially the high-focus on practical sales training and iterative feedback.

The quality of sales candidates in the market has never been this bad. Hyrise is offering the most holistic, effective sales training i’ve seen throughout my career.

Hiring through Hyrise was fast and easy.
They tailored the profile to our needs and our candidate hit the ground running from day 1. We couldn't be happier!