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Striving for excellence: Alexander's journey with hyrise

In a world full of professional surprises and unexpected branches, we are impressed by the stories of brave people who reinvent their professional career paths. Each story highlights the incredible impact of seizing new opportunities and moving out of your comfort zone.

Today we introduce you to Alexander Schnieblich, Sales Manager at Superchat, whose impressive career path was significantly influenced by the support of hyrise.

Before hyrise

Before working as a sales manager at Superchat Alexander worked as an independent financial advisor for DVAG for three years. He then moved to product management at During this time, he studied business informatics and then business administration in parallel.

He was always extremely satisfied in all his positions and always did his absolute best. Alexander naturally has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and is always looking for opportunities to develop. This character trait is deeply rooted in his personality and motivates him to always be there with full power and passion.

“hyrise was my opportunity to advance my career.”

Although Alexander liked his job and his colleagues, he felt stuck in his previous position. He was looking for opportunities to develop personally and professionally. In this decisive phase, he stumbled across hyrise's solution that exactly met his passions for sales, technology and innovative companies/products.

Alexander's experience with Hyrise

The job search went surprisingly smoothly and Alexander received valuable support from hyrise. After just one training session and an interview at another company, he was able to take on his new role as Sales Manager within a very short period of time, just three weeks, at Superchat switch.

A highlight of Alexander's experience with the HYRISE program was the final group session on “Cadencing” and individual training with HYRISE trainer Jan. The exchange with well-known experts from the industry in which he now works was really fascinating for him.

“I felt well looked after at all times and hyrise always responded immediately to all my questions.

Alexander always felt that he was in good hands and supported by Hyrise. All his questions and concerns were answered promptly and he emphasized the extensive support system that hyrise offers his candidates.

Alexander's impressive start in tech sales

After just under three months in tech sales, Alexander is more than satisfied with his progress. He has successfully scheduled numerous demos and even carried out some of them personally. In doing so, he was able to generate a turnover of 10,000 euros for Superchat within just three weeks. He is absolutely convinced that this is the perfect time to work as a sales manager in tech sales and that hyrise has made a significant contribution to his current success.

hyrise has had a decisive impact on Alexander's life by giving him the opportunity to work in an exciting and dynamic industry. He raves about the fantastic program that hyrise offers for tech sales candidates. It is the ideal springboard for anyone looking for a successful career in tech sales.

Take the plunge without thinking too much about it and always be on the lookout for great opportunities.”

Alexander's advice: “Whether you're an expert or a novice, hyrise can help you improve your skills and find the ideal job for you.” His career shows how important it is to seize the right opportunities and commit to lifelong learning and growth.

We are extremely proud of Alexander's achievements and look forward to more success stories that encourage others to reach their full potential. 🚀

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