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Hyrise 2.0: Find a job before your training starts

Can you imagine a university that will get you a job before you've even started training? Meet Hyrise 2.0

Straight to the point

Our concentration spans are getting shorter and shorter, so here is a quick summary of our blog post 👇

  • In recent months, we've been busy creating a new model: We first place applicants with companies, and only when they start working, do they go through our 8-week training program.
  • Applicants benefit in that they get a job much faster, receive on-the-job training after employment and this is 100% free of charge for them (paid by the hiring company).
  • Companies benefit because we can now recruit first-class talent much faster. We are able to attract many more profiles and thanks to careful selection and preparation, the quality of applicants is maintained or even improved.
  • We succeeded in placing several applicants in a short period of time, to the great pleasure of companies and candidates. That is why we have now decided to make this our standard model for Germany. Interested parties can contact
  • We see this as a natural evolution of the boot camp model, as well as a big step towards realizing our mission and building a training model that is truly accessible and focused on professional fitness.

Would you like to dive a bit deeper? Here is the full version! 👇

Why we started Hyrise Academy

The world of work has changed. It is time for education to change as well.

You used to study for 4 years and then worked for the same company for 40 more years. Nowadays, the reality is very different.

Technology has changed the future of work even before the pandemic increased the need for new workforce skills. Some occupations are dying out, and completely new ones are being created.

McKinsey estimates that trends such as remote work, e-commerce, and further automation could mean that more than 100 million workers will have to look for another job by 2030. That is our new reality.

People will have to completely re-qualify several times over the course of their careers and keep learning to remain relevant.

We don't see this as a threat, but as an opportunity. There are lots of rewarding career paths that are emerging and lots of people who would be great at these jobs and for whom they would make a significant difference in their lives. However, to do so, they must have access to the necessary work opportunities and appropriate training.

In this environment, our previous educational model is outdated. To encourage people to pursue rewarding careers in the future, we must redefine education by making it accessible to all and focusing on job opportunities. A model that is designed to:

  • To give people access to worthwhile career opportunities as quickly as possible.
  • Empowering people to educate themselves in the workplace to stay relevant
  • To be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.

Last year, we decided to launch Hyrise Academy and start building this model. Our mission was clear: We wanted to give people access to outstanding careers in the technology industry through education and work opportunities.

What we've learned so far

  • We have developed an intensive online course (which has received excellent reviews) that is designed to provide candidates with the skills they need to be successful in their job as quickly as possible. We've learned that sales expertise in the real world and constantly adapting our curriculum to meet industry needs are key to this goal.
  • We have succeeded in training over 50 students and referring them to great companies such as Hubspot, Planday or Wayflyer. However, we were also unable to recruit some promising candidates. As a result, we learned that working out for 8 weeks before getting a job is not an option for many people. Even if you offer them to pay only when they have found a job.
  • We signed employment contracts with more than 70 top tech companies and realized that the need for qualified sales talent is even greater than we initially thought. We found that although companies were very satisfied with the quality of our candidates, we were unable to deliver the talent they needed quickly enough.

So in January, we stopped and asked ourselves some important questions:

  • How could we reinvent our model to give candidates faster access to jobs and companies faster access to candidates?
  • Or to put it another way: What would a model look like that is 100% accessible and geared towards employability?

Challenge accepted.

Hyrise 2.0 review

Over the last few months, we've been busy creating a new model: We first place applicants with companies (at no cost to the applicant) and then train them on the job.

That's how it works 👇

Hyrise 2.0 Finde einen Job bevor dein Training beginnt

So how's it going? If you're reading this post, you can imagine that it went pretty well. We have succeeded in recruiting more candidates and the feedback from both applicants and companies has been very positive.

There is now no more risk or cost for applicants.

  • The program is 100% free.
  • The time to hire is much shorter, with an average of 4 weeks and 7 interviews per applicant
  • Applicants continue to receive highly qualified on-the-job training to ensure they are ready and successful.

For companies, this means that they attract a variety of different talents more quickly.

  • Thanks to the careful selection process and our basic training, the quality of the candidates we present to companies is maintained and in some cases even improves.
  • We are able to attract and communicate more and more diverse profiles that meet the needs of every company.
  • The start-up times are now even shorter as applicants continue to complete our training in the first eight weeks of being hired and we combine real practice directly with the tools and products of the respective company.

Ready to start 🚀

Today, we are excited to publish this program and make it available to both applicants and companies.

  • Are you looking for a job in tech sales? Then feel free to here sign up. Creating your profile is free and only takes 10 minutes.
  • Want to hire great sales talent? Please get in touch here atto get access to our talent platform

Our goal has never been to give hundreds of people access to fulfilling careers. We want to do this for thousands.

With this model, we can now turn that into reality and give many more people the opportunity to start a career they love.

Forward! 👊

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