How does hyrise help me find a tech sales job?

What does the process look like?
How can hyrise support me in finding a job?
Do I need to pay something?
How do I apply?
What criteria does hyrise use to select candidates?
Where are the companies that I can apply to bases?
Do I need to be fluent in German to apply?
How much time commitment do I need?
How long does it take to find a job?
Can I apply for part-time positions?

About Tech Sales

What is tech sales?
What are the most common position I can work in?
Do I need previous experience to work in tech sales?
What is the average salary for an entry-level position in tech sales?
What kind of companies can I work for?
Where are the companies based? Are there remote options?

Hiring new sales talent

What can hyrise help my company with?
What does hyrise exactly do?
What does the process look like?
What kind of candidates can I find with hyrise?
Why do you focus on career changers?
How do you find/source your candidates?
How do you select and prepare candidates?
How long does it take to hire the first hyrise candidates?
How many of your candidates speak German?
What's the difference between hyrise, and a traditional recruiter?
What kind of background do your candidates have?
Do you have a geographic focus?
If a candidate hasn't had Tech Sales experience how do you ensure they can perform their job?
How will you train my existing team? And how long will it take?

These are the most common asked questions.

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