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Find out how Leon found his new job in less than 30 days

May I introduce Leon, he has just completed his dual studies in business informatics. When he's not trying to delve into Farfetch topics, he enjoys playing video games, focusing on his fitness, and hanging out with friends. - Hyrise experience

Before Hyrise

During his studies, he worked as a business analyst and learned a lot about the business world. However, his dream is to start his own business one day. His entrepreneurial spirit drives him to immerse himself in various areas of business so that he can one day implement what he has learned in his own company.

“At the moment, I have a lot of knowledge about the technical aspect of my business. But I don't know how to get my product to people. I don't know how to sell it effectively. So I thought that entering the world of tech sales would be the best option for me.”

Hyrise experience

After getting to know Hyrise, he applied and contacted former Hyrisers to see what their experiences with Hyrise were and whether their expectations were met. All the good references confirmed to him that he had made the right decision.

The application process was seamless, and he particularly appreciated the fact that expectations were met at all times.

“As soon as my profile was activated on the talent platform, I received a lot of interview requests. There were more and more inquiries, so I had to deactivate my profile. I didn't have time to go through all these application processes. I was astounded by the number of inquiries in such a short time.”
“Thanks to the workshops and courses, I was able to complete my job interviews. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting to know so many different companies.”

After applying, it took Leon a month to sign an employment contract with HRS as an SDR.

After Hyrise

Leon loves his new job, and the fact that he's learning through work makes everything better than he expected.

“I'm learning so much! I love the company, all my expectations of the employer were met. There is nothing I can complain about.”
“I always knew I could be successful in tech sales, but with Hyrise's help, I'll get to my goal much faster. They motivated me to challenge myself and achieve my goals.”

Tips for future hyrisers

“Just try it out. Hyrise is the future! It is the modern approach to education. Specializing in a specific niche (junior tech sales positions) makes them the best at what they do.

He advises people not to be put off by the term “sales.” Tech sales is much more about helping people with their problems and enabling them to work more efficiently.

“When you work with other companies, you learn so much. It is excellent and fulfilling work.”

Do you also want to start your career in tech sales and change your life? Apply here.

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