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Women in Sales:
How to advance
your career

Lilia Kohl
Are you ready to take
your sales career to new heights? 🚀👩
Check this out!👆

How to make prospecting
videos with 38% of
conversion rate

Thibaut Souyris
💡 Learn how to make prospecting videos
that will make you stand out and close more deals!

Effective sequencing on LinkedIn

Moritz van der Meer
🤔 Have you ever asked yourself
how you can maximize your outcome
and minimize your input at the same time?
Check this out!👆

Podcast Episodes

Get a fresh take on digital sales. Tune in now to the podcast episode featuring Dominic Blank, one of the brains behind Hyrise, to learn about how they're turning everyday people into sales superstars. Learn more about topics like, "What is modern, digital sales anyway?" and "How does sales work at eye level?".
Interview with Dominic Blank: Dominic is a sales expert with over 10 years of experience in managing and training sales teams in the USA and Europe. He founded Hyrise Academy to provide accessible and tailored education focused on employment opportunities for individuals seeking rewarding careers in tech sales.