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Complete our 6-week online training program and get hired at a top tech company.

Pay after you get a job.

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Why work in tech sales?

Tech sales is the Nº1 most demanded job on LinkedIn. Fulfilling roles with huge growth potential.

How it works


Complete an online assessment and a personal interview.

Online bootcamp

Learn core sales skills from industry experts online in 6-weeks.

Get hired

Get hired at a top tech company. If you don't, tuition is free.

What they say about us

"Sales nowadays should be more human, done in a consultative way and this is exactly what this course teaches you. Highly recommendable to anyone with no experience interested in transitioning to sales."

"I don't know if I would have made it without the support of this program! I don't regret my career change one single day"

Hyrise has one of the most effective training programs in the market. I love the curriculum and pedagogical approach, specially the high-focus on practical sales training and iterative feedback.

Our Course

A 6-week online remote program designed by industry leaders with one goal in mind: getting you into your first tech sales job.

What you'll learn

Stage 1
Cover basic concepts like SaaS, sales funnel and pipeline and what a career in sales looks like.
Stage 2
Learn how to generate and qualify leads effectively through various channels
Stage 3
Sales psychology, overcoming objections and closing the deal.
Stage 4
Job hunt
Design your personal brand, social profiles and master each step in the job hunt process.

Pay only if you get a job

Most schools make money regardless of whether or not their students succeed. We take a different approach.

All of our financing options are risk-free, which means if you don't get a job, tuition is free.

Option 1

Pay after you get a job


Once you land a qualified job, the tuition will be paid in instalments. We require a 500€ deposit before bootcamp start.
Option 2

Upfront payment



Pay before the bootcamp starts and get money-back guarantee. If you haven't found a job within 6-months of graduation we will refund your tuition entirely.

Are you unemployed and living in Germany?

You can now take our course 100% financed by the Agentur für Arbeit!
Email us at to find out more!

Ready to start a career you'll love?

You will learn what would normally take years in just 6 weeks, from the comfort of your home with individual coaching.  

After the course, you will be 100% ready with the necessary skills and experience to kickstart your career as a business development and sales professional at any tech company.

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