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How Jaime found his true passion in tech sales

Find out how Jaime got a leap of faith and ended up in his dream job. - Hyrise experience

“I live by the philosophy that you sometimes have to make tough decisions and leave your comfort zone if you want to have a fulfilling career. If you don't change anything, nothing around you will.”

Find out why and how Jaime changed his life to pursue his passion and get into tech sales.

Before Hyrise

Jaime was one of the first students who trusted us to change his life path. Jaime was born and raised in Madrid and has a passion for golf.

He studied business administration at Carlos III University in Madrid. After graduation, he felt lost and didn't know what to do with his life. So he decided to do what most people with his academic background tend to do: He joined one of the big four consulting companies, EY, and entered the consulting world.

He worked there for two years. He liked his job and his colleagues, and he had the stability he had been looking for. But he wasn't fulfilled, he knew that his life needed a radical change.

He noticed that he was very good with people. Communication was definitely one of his strengths, and so he began to deepen and improve his personal relationships. While building lasting relationships, he figured he needed to use this skill because that was what he loved to do and was good at.

“I discovered that my emotional intelligence enabled me to know what and how to say things to people that made them happy.”

Jaime decided to enter the world of sales because he knew that his skills and abilities were very valuable in this industry. He began applying for a job in sales without a clear structure. However, he was rejected because he lacked practical experience.

“I felt sad and powerless. I was lost because after I finally found out what I really enjoyed after two years, I couldn't find a job. Personally I was fine but professionally I was very discouraged.”

He then stumbled across Hyrise and was enthralled by the concept. He had a tough decision to make.

“I gave up my job and stability against the opinion of friends and family because they couldn't understand how I could give up my stability for an uncertain future.”
“I live by the philosophy that you sometimes have to make tough decisions and leave your comfort zone if you want to have a fulfilling career. If you don't change anything, nothing around you will.”

Hyrise experience

The boot camp

Jaime came to Hyrise with a great deal of uncertainty. But when he started boot camp, he felt more comfortable and safer. He had a small group consisting only of him and one other girl, and Dom as his trainer, which was very suitable for him. He loved the structure and format of Hyrise.

What he liked best was that he had to define his professional profile at the beginning because it made him think thoroughly about his strengths and abilities. He also liked the book recommendations, in particular “How to Make Friends.” This book really changed his life, it taught him a lot of things that he could apply on a professional and personal level.

“I found the boot camp challenging in general, is intended for ambitious people who aren't afraid of rejection. You are not told what to do, but you learn how to structure yourself. Many sales professionals focus on presenting their product and forget what added value they offer to the customer and how they can solve the customer's problem. It's something I've really come to appreciate in my new career.”

job search

Jaime went through several application processes at many different companies. After a three-step interview process at Wayflyer, he was hired as a Growth Capital Associate. The experience at Hyrise taught him what the interviewer wanted to hear from him during an interview for a sales position.

“Sales managers pay attention to attitude and way of thinking, and that's exactly what you learn in boot camp.”

He moved to Dublin to follow his dream and left his comfort zone once again.

Since November 2021, he has always achieved the target quotas. Jaime was the first BDR on the Spanish market.

“I love my job, it's very dynamic. I talk to people every day who have amazing stories to tell and that makes it very exciting. I'm really passionate about my work now.”
“On a personal level, Hyrise taught me that every time I have a problem with someone, I need to put myself in the other person's shoes. It's the only way I know how to solve the situation.”

His advice for future Hyrisers

Jaime believes Hyrise is for people who have worked at a job they don't like and who want to change their lives. He believes that if you're proactive, it's not a question of “if” but “when” you'll find a fulfilling job in sales.

“A sales job is very demanding, the best way to advance professionally is good results, there is no other way, and that requires a strong basis and a structured spirit. Hyrise helps you achieve this, especially by working with top people like Dom.”

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