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From Lawyer to Tech Sales: Katharina's Exciting Journey with hyrise

Sometimes it takes courage and determination to deviate from one's previous career path and embark on a more fulfilling journey. This success story is about Katharina Friese, who, through hyrise, kick-started her career in tech sales and is now making strides as a Junior Sales Manager at Gaia.

Before hyrise

Katharina, originally from Düsseldorf, embarked on her journey in the legal field with aspirations of becoming a lawyer at a prestigious law firm, a dream that seemed well within her grasp as she gained experience working for renowned firms during her studies. However, as she advanced in her career, Katharina discovered a yearning for something beyond the confines of traditional legal work.

The turning point came when she realized that interacting with clients brought her more satisfaction than drafting documents. This revelation about her preference for real human interactions spurred her to reassess her career path and seek out new opportunities where she could fulfill this newfound desire.

Katharina's experience with hyrise

"What I truly appreciated about hyrise was their approach to carefully select the best companies for me, rather than casting a wide net to any and all. When I was ready for a change, I stumbled upon hyrise through Instagram. Their method of matching me with partner companies, tailored specifically to my interests and professional background, was a game-changer. For instance, I was matched with two companies, and my very first interview with Gaia—a company that provides a platform for managing legal matters—was an instant perfect match. This opportunity allowed me to leverage my legal expertise while indulging my passion for customer interaction.
"Throughout the application journey, I felt incredibly supported and always knew I could reach out to Selina for any queries." Selina, a member of the hyrise Talent Team, was instrumental in guiding me through the application process with sensitivity, offering invaluable advice along the way. Her support ensured that I felt confident and well-informed at every step, allowing me to freely reach out with any questions or concerns I had."

Katharina's entry into tech sales

Following a successful application process, Katharina embarked on a new chapter in her professional life as a Junior Sales Manager at Gaia. Within just two weeks, she found herself deeply impressed by the work methodologies and the company's culture. She feels incredibly at ease within her team, indicating a seamless transition and a promising start to her role where her passion for people-centric work can thrive alongside her legal expertise.

This swift adaptation and satisfaction highlight the positive impact of her career pivot, reflecting her alignment with Gaia's values and her excitement for the opportunities ahead.

“I'm incredibly happy in my new position and now time really flies at work!”

Katharina's journey is a powerful reminder that changing careers doesn't necessarily mean starting over. It's about leveraging the skills and knowledge you've accumulated in other fields. This is particularly true in areas like tech sales, a sector ripe with opportunities for growth and learning. Her story encourages us to remove our blinders and explore the breadth of possibilities around us.

Too often, we cling to early visions of our life and career paths, yet Katharina illustrates the importance of being open to adjustments. Her success urges us to not only question our preconceived plans but also to embrace new directions. After all, embracing change can lead to unforeseen opportunities and enhance our lives in remarkable ways.

Katharina’s bold decision to realign her career with her passions and needs has set her on a fulfilling path, proving it's never too late to pursue a career that truly resonates with you. 🚀

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