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John's entry into tech sales after 12 years in the tattoo world

Find out how and why John decided to join the tech sales industry and leave the tattoo world after 12 years. - Hyrise experience

“Without Hyrise, I would not have been able to develop personally and professionally as I am now.”

Find out how and why John decided to join the tech sales industry and leave the tattoo world after 12 years.

Before Hyrise

John is one of those people you instantly like. He won our 2021 funniest moment of the year. He was born in Leverkusen but has lived in Cologne for 15 years. Bouldering and martial arts are among his favorite hobbies. A fun little fact about him is that he likes to flip a coin when he has to make a decision. He lets the universe decide.

He used to work in the catering industry, but his real passion is the tattoo world. That is why he slowly entered the tattoo industry. John found a great tattoo artist from whom he desperately wanted to learn from and become his mentee. He then began his training as a tattoo artist to learn from the best. Unfortunately, his mentor had to leave the tattoo parlor, which meant the end of his education. He couldn't find another tattoo artist who was at the level of his previous mentor. Like a good perfectionist, he decided to put his dream of becoming a tattoo artist on hold because becoming an average tattoo artist was out of the question for him. He then began working as a manager in tattoo parlors. When the pandemic hit in 2020 and had to close his studio, he was unemployed after working in the tattoo industry for 12 years.

  • His career options were limited to the position of shop manager in the tattoo industry, and he lacked professional development opportunities.
  • No one took him seriously. Although he did a very serious job in a dubious industry, his work was not recognized or appreciated by people.
  • In the long term, he did not see himself in any of the jobs that the state offered him.
“I realized that I had to radically change my career direction if I wanted to find something that met my priorities. I wanted to get into a rewarding career as soon as possible where I could earn more money doing what I loved, which was talking, listening, advising, and acting on that basis.”

At that point John was lost, he knew exactly what he wanted, but he didn't know where to find it. Fortunately, his friends recommended that he take a look at Hyrise, and that's how his life-changing journey began.

Hyrise experience

John did thorough research about the tech sales sector and about all of our competitors.

“I always had the impression that people who work in sales always have something to hide and just want to get money out of you without really caring about your needs. But Hyrise completely changed my perception, they showed me the good side.”

In the end, John chose us because he immediately felt the support and transparency of our team.

John started working at the post office so that he could get back into a stable routine and be ready to take up the job after Hyrise had placed him. It was no easy task as he worked a night shift and then had to attend Hyrise's training sessions in the morning.

“In the beginning, I started with the long course, but later opted for the short one, which was much more intensive. At that point, I didn't know if I would make it. I was bombarded with information and tasks I had never heard of before. It was a tough time but it was absolutely worth it. I learned so much and had so much fun.”
“I thought to myself: Man, that's really tough. Why am I doing this to myself? But I had a clear goal in mind, I knew where I wanted to go. I knew that I would get my dream job thanks to Hyrise and the effort I put in. That thought kept me motivated.”

John's job search began. In the beginning, he applied to every company, he had nothing to lose. But he had his eye on a company.

“Salesforce was the company I wanted to work for. Back then, I thought the bigger the company, the better. I thought it would make my job easier because my potential customers would already know the product I was offering when they cold called. I didn't get the job though, which made me sad. “
“I didn't know that success and fulfillment at work had so little to do with the size of the company.”

He then got a job interview at Zenloop. He met his future manager and decided to give it a try. John knew it would be a difficult job, but he was certain it would be the best school for him. The Hyrise team supported him throughout his job search and in less than three weeks he was hired at Zenloop.

“My life has changed radically. I can finally apply skills such as communication or teamwork that were not appreciated in my previous jobs. The company took me in and I felt welcomed by everyone at Zenloop right from the start. I've finally found a job that meets all my priorities and meets me every day.”

One of the things that John particularly appreciates about Hyrise is the diversity within the group he was able to work with. The fact that everyone had a different background but was there for the same reason was a source of inspiration and motivation for everyone.

“Everyone at Hyrise inspired us to be the best version of ourselves and keep moving forward even after we got the job. The time and effort you invest in your wellbeing can never hurt.”

Another thing he liked about Hyrise was getting to know Dominic. The motivation and inspiration that he radiated awakened in John the desire to conquer the world. He felt very supported by Dominic throughout his journey.

“Hyrise taught me to better understand how people work and what impact someone can have on someone and how to deal with them. I've also learned that sales is like an emotional rollercoaster. You have great days and other, not so great days, and that's okay too. I've learned how to deal with it.”
“I wouldn't be where I am today without Hyrise. Without Hyrise, I wouldn't have been able to change my life the way I did. My financial situation has improved immensely and I've met incredible people I'll never forget.”
“Without Hyrise, I would not have been able to develop personally and professionally as I do now.”

Tips for future hyrisers:

“Bring your coach along to a “mental breakdown.” It's just a joke, but really take advantage of this opportunity. Ask, ask and ask, every piece of advice is valuable. If I had met Dominic in my 20s, I would be President of Europe today:)”

He also strongly recommends the book “How to Make Friends.” This is one of the books we highly recommend to distributors. Take a look at the 10 most important books we recommend for distribution.

“Take it seriously because it's a life-changing experience.”

Do you also want to start your career in tech sales and change your life? Apply here.

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