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Sami wanted to work from anywhere and tech sales was the answer

Meet Sami! He is 23 years old and in his free time, he loves to spend his time doing sports.

Before hyrise

Before the pandemic hit he traveled to Portugal to enjoy the good weather and then the pandemic hit, which prevented him to get back to Germany. So, he decided to quit his job in Germany and find a new one in Lisbon. Sami easily found a job in a customer success department and worked there for 2 years. These years were a very joyful time of his life. However, at some point, he knew he needed to go back to Germany. Marketing had always been of his interest, so he decided to start to study it deeper. While studying, he wanted to take it to the next level and get some real sales experience.

“When I came back to Germany I noticed a drastic change in society. After the pandemic, people were forced to think outside the box. What worked ten years ago doesn’t work today anymore. All businesses are focused on e-commerce and technological aspects. Classic retail is outdated, it barely exists anymore.”

So if he wanted to get some sales experience, it didn’t make sense for him to go into retail if everything was moving to the tech industry. This industry has a much more promising future.

The difference between Tech sales and retail is that tech sales allows you to decide how you want to design your work mode and gives you the freedom to decide where you put your energy in. In retail, you get told what you have to do and how to do it, knowing that at the end of the month you will get x salary.

"I love the fact that in tech sales it is all about the more effort the more you win, which motivates you to constantly improve your sales strategy. Making the job very dynamic and fun as you get to constantly challenge yourself.”

One of his friends recommended Hyrise to him. And he decided to apply.

His Hyrise Experience

After applying and getting his profile life on our platform, he started to receive interview requests.  He accepted an offer from DriverHero for an SDR role.

“Since the beginning, I received a lot of offers, but they were not the perfect match, however, I never gave up. I had my priorities in mind and I rather waited to get the perfect offer. And soon it came, DriverHero made me an offer to be an SDR.”

One of the things he loved about Hyrise Academy is the wide network we have on our talent platform. Most of the positions our hiring partners offer are only visible on our platform. So, he really liked the big pool of companies we work with because he would not have come across most of them if it weren’t for Hyrise.

“I really appreciated all the support from my talent success advisor, Selina. She always had the right words for me, and gave me feedback, relieving all the pressure I could have.”

After hyrise

He loves his team and is very happy to be working at DriverHero. Right now he can work from Lisbon, as he is working remotely, which is exactly what he wanted.

“I love the fact that I can work at my own tempo. Everybody trusts each other to be delivering they way they should, which is something I really appreciate from the Startup environment.”

Now he switched positions and is working as a Customer Growth Consultant Manager, where he is responsible for upselling and making sure all the customers are happy.

“Being able to work from anywhere and have the flexibility to work however I want, makes me much more productive and successful at my job. It also allows me to have a much better work-life balance, which makes tech sales a very fulfilling career.”

Tips for future Hyrisers

“Trust in your potential, and wait for your perfect match. You will get it! Even if you have to wait 2-3 weeks, to be sure that you can choose the best offer for you.”

Want to land a job in tech sales just like Sami? Apply now!

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