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From Young Lemonade Seller to Tech Sales - Tobias's Journey with hyrise

It takes a lot of courage and determination to deviate from an existing career path and embark on a more fulfilling one. Today's success story is about Tobias Lieven. Tobias discovered his passion for sales as a child selling lemonade and has pursued it ever since. However, he had difficulty finding a job that met his expectations - until he discovered hyrise.

Before hyrise

Tobias, a 22-year-old from Cologne, not only has a passion for tennis but also finds great joy in work, which he describes as one of his hobbies. Additionally, he's a huge music fan and enjoys spending his free time at concerts.

Fun Fact: Tobias enjoys going on spontaneous road trips. His most recent adventure led him to Sweden and Denmark.

Tobias' passion for sales was evident at a young age when he sold lemonade from a small stand in front of his house. These early experiences shaped his sales skills and solidified his love for selling, a passion that persists today. He now looks back on a successful four-year career in sales.

At 18, upon completing his vocational baccalaureate in business, Tobias kickstarted his professional journey in a sales agency. There, he gained invaluable experience in D2D sales, which further refined his selling skills. He soon found himself leading a team of 40-50 people, an opportunity that imparted crucial leadership skills.

Despite this success, Tobias was drawn back to direct sales. He switched to a startup where he sold photovoltaic systems, deepening his skills in communication and sales. Eventually, he worked for half a year as an independent commercial agent, offering his services to various companies in the sales sector.

Tobias' Experience with hyrise

In his quest for new professional challenges, Tobias struggled to find the perfect job that met his high standards. His friend Pascal, with whom he had previously worked, suggested he consider hyrise. To learn more about Pascal's experience, check out Pascal's Success Story.

“The job search with hyrise was super uncomplicated. I received a quick response after my application and was able to express all my wishes. The process was straightforward, fast, and a lot of fun.”

Just one week after applying, Tobias was suggested the first three companies. Initially, he was uncertain about the direction his career should take, and these first three company suggestions did not fully convince him.

However, during the subsequent second conversation with Mona, his Talent Advisor, he realized he had a strong interest in marketing and social media and wished to combine sales with social media. After expressing his preferences and interests, Mona suggested the company Facelift, which could offer him the exact combination of sales and social media he was looking for.

He had two more appointments with our team in which he took part in brief training sessions. These focused on appropriate interview behavior and precise, effective responses to interview questions. These sessions were crucial in improving his interview skills. The experience was straightforward and enjoyable, making him feel supported and encouraged throughout.

"It's a very nice feeling not to be alone in the application process and to have someone who helps you, answers all your questions, and conducts training sessions with you - this was something very special and my personal highlight of the entire process."

With Facelift, everything went perfectly from the beginning. The communication was excellent - reliable, honest, and transparent. This gave him a feeling of security and made the entire process smooth and efficient.

Tobias' Entry into Tech Sales

He spent his first days at work with Facelift in Hamburg, where he was invited to get to know everything on-site. He was impressed by the open and beautiful office.

During his stay, the first product demos were presented, giving him an excellent opportunity to get to know the product better. He was thrilled with what was presented to him and was very excited about the opportunity.

Everyone was very friendly, making him feel welcome. He considered his start to be very positive. Apart from these initial days on-site, he now regularly works from home.

"If something in my career should change at some point, I know that I can always turn to hyrise as a point of contact."

Tobias is profoundly appreciative of the experiences he gained with Hyrise. Not only did he find a job aligned with his personal interests, but he also uncovered professional opportunities previously unknown to him. He especially appreciated the tailored company selection, which took into account his personal preferences, and the constant support of a personal advisor.

Tobias recommends those applying to Hyrise to be open to new opportunities and thoroughly prepare for interviews. Embracing new experiences and detailed preparation are key to success.

Tobias' journey from a young lemonade seller to an SDR at Facelift illustrates that the right support and a clear vision are crucial to achieving professional goals. Tobias has undergone a remarkable development and shown what is possible with consistency and the right effort. His story inspires us to be open to new opportunities. It illustrates that with commitment, dedication, and the right support, we can all realize our dreams and achieve our goals. 🚀

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