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2022: Our year in review

This year we changed the lives of 100 people 🤯

🌱 How it started

Hyrise was founded in 2020 to empower people from all walks of life to pursue careers they love.

We knew tech sales is a great career path with the potential to improve the lives of many people, and we wanted to make it easier for motivated people to get into the field.

When we started, we decided the best way to accomplish this goal was through the “bootcamp” model. We would select people from diverse backgrounds, put them through intensive online training, and place them in top tech companies.

We spent most of 2020 building an incredible “bootcamp” training program (check out our last year in review). We touched many lives and learned a lot. However, early this year we questioned ourselves: was this really the best way to give people access to great careers?

The answer was no. Many people couldn't stop their lives for 9 weeks and then look for a job, and our companies just weren't getting the talent they needed fast enough. There had to be a better way.

In March this year, we announced a model change: Hyrise 2.0 was born. In short, we would place people at top tech companies first and then train them directly on the job. Companies would get qualified talent faster, and candidates would land a job faster too, having zero risk and zero cost. It was a win-win.

Here’s what happened since 👇

🪴 How it's going: 2023

If we were to summarize our year in one word? Momentum! 🏃♂️

Our new approach works. We have discovered a better model to give people access to rewarding careers at scale, and it shows. This year we've experienced 400% growth and built a dream team of motivated people fueled by a single purpose. We're gathering momentum, and we're just getting started.

Here is our year in a nutshell👇

  • We tried a new model.
    Early in the year, we decided to evolve our “bootcamp” business model and test a new one: we would place people first, and train them directly on the job.

  • The model was a hit.
    We have grown 400% from 2021. As of today we have placed almost 100 happy candidates at top companies like SoSafe, Freshworks and Siteminder and trained 80+ people on the job. Our hiring partner list keeps growing and growing.

  • We grew our dream team from 4 to 15.
    The new model required us to build a platform, carefully select, prepare and place motivated candidates, enlist new partner companies, and provide training… we enlisted 11 new motivated rockstars to join our mission.

  • We redesigned our training program.
    In the new model, our bootcamp training program quickly became obsolete. We went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned our training program designed to be delivered “on-the-job” and help salespeople maximize their performance.

  • We appeared on TV.
    Our year even had a black swan(ish) event. We took a moonshot and applied to Die Höhle der Löwen (the german version of Shark Tank) in March. By September we were appearing on TV. Some stats: 1.000% increase in applications from candidates, 100k+ views to our website and 130+ million impressions.

🚀 What’s next?

During the year, we realized to empower people to pursue careers they loved, getting them into their first job was only one part of the equation. To truly deliver on our purpose, we need to ensure those people have the necessary tools and support to excel at their careers once they are in them.

Our mission and product vision have naturally evolved and become more ambitious. Ultimately, we want to create an ecosystem where salespeople can have successful careers, no matter what stage they are at.

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 12.34.03

In 2023 we will slowly start building toward this product vision. While part of the same whole, as of today, we have divided our products into two main lines: recruiting and training.

  • On the recruiting side, our challenge remains to place as many people as possible successfully. Our focus will be on better matchmaking: we will dive deeper into the company’s and candidate's needs to ensure we connect the right jobs with the right people and vice versa. Additionally, starting in January, all candidates hired through Hyrise will receive complimentary access to our Academy to ensure a smooth ramp-up.
  • On the training side, we want to develop the single best holistic sales training program in the industry. Our north star is to give people the tools and training they need to perform better - when they need them. We have successfully trained 80 people already on-the-job and discovered continuous learning is crucial for effective on-the-job training. We will continue to iterate our training product offering to deliver the greatest impact.

🙏 The stories behind the numbers

Sometimes facts and numbers just can't convey the personal stories and experiences lived throughout the year. We are humbled and honored to have played a part in shaping the stories of so many people.

We want to thank every person that has come across Hyrise in any capacity this year, with a special shoutout to our dream team for making it all possible. We’re doing things that matter, and having fun in the process. You rock 🤘

Here are some of our favorite highlights from 2021.

Our Hyrisers

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 12.10.29

Our Team

Screenshot 2022-12-23 at 12.10.51

In a year marked by economic and political turmoil, massive layoffs, and a looming recession, we feel giving people from all backgrounds the opportunity to pursue careers they love is now more relevant and important than ever.

Today, we double down on our purpose. Bring on 2023!


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