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From carpentry to tech sales in one month. Meet Julien!

May I introduce: Julien! Julien was a self-employed carpenter who decided to turn his career 180° and enter the world of tech sales. Get to know his Hyrise experience.

Before Hyrise

Julien liked his job as a carpenter, but it didn't satisfy him because he was slowly getting tired of the construction industry, especially because it is a very old-fashioned industry. He knew that he wanted to work in an industry that is future-oriented and has a modern way of thinking.

“I wanted to try something new. I needed a change of scene. Because I knew that I would not be able to achieve my goals if I continued to work as a self-employed carpenter.”

Julian knew he needed a change, but he didn't know which direction to take. So he began researching to see what career options he had. In doing so, he came across the sales industry and thought it would be a good option for him. He then stumbled across one of our ads and decided to look into the tech sales industry.

“When I found out what tech sales was and how Hyrise could help me, I knew it was the way to go. I applied and it was the best decision I could have ever made.”

His experience with Hyrise

He was impressed by our concept and how easy and quick the job search process was. It took him less than 4 weeks from applying to signing the contract.

“After my profile was activated on the talent platform, it took about 5 days until I received the first interview requests. Shortly after, I received a great job offer from Tradelink, which I gladly accepted.”

Our workshops and crash courses gave him the confidence and knowledge he needed to start his journey into technical sales.

“With Hyrise's preparation, I felt ready to conquer the world of tech sales.”

Having someone he could turn to anytime he had a concern and who really cared about getting him the best job possible was something he really appreciated. Julien never felt alone, and that was all he needed to be his best self and have someone to guide him on the road to his new career.

“I like Hyrise's innovative idea of just focusing on people's soft skills and way of thinking to ensure that these people will be truly successful in digital sales. Hyrise gives people like me, who come from a completely different industry, the opportunity to start a rewarding career without previous industry-specific experience.”

“Hyrise has helped me learn more about myself. It helped me achieve my goals in a much more effective way. I've tried many other methods, but none of them have gotten me this far.”

After Hyrise

Now, after working as SDR Tradelink for a month, he is over the moon.

“I am fascinated by the beauty of sales. I wake up every day and challenge myself to get better at my job. Trying to understand and help people is something that fulfills me.”

“Tradelink is everything I expected. It was really important to get to know the team before I started working remotely. And the company organized everything, and it worked great!”

Tips for future hyrisers

“Just do it. Be brave. Accept the fact that you can achieve anything you set out to do.”

“Don't be discouraged about your resume, just don't look at it. Hyrise will take you by the arm and go with you to make sure you get where you want to go. And that's all you need: someone to guide you and help you.”

Do you want to start your career in digital sales just like Julien did? Apply now!

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