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How Lyn found the stability to raise her child through tech sales

How a single mom got into tech sales. Lyn is one of our Hyrisers who has proven to us that anything is possible with hard work and determination. - Hyrise experience

Before Hyrise:

Born and raised in Germany, Lyn has lived in Berlin for the last 4 years. One of her passions is to lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising a lot and cooking delicious dishes.

In the past, she worked in a large orthodontic practice as a dental assistant and team leader. She was satisfied with her work as she had a lot of contact with the patients, which she really liked. However, she had difficulties with the fact that the practice was very large and there was a lack of trained personnel. She spent a lot of time training employees, the working days were very long, and there were too many tasks for too few employees. She was busy and felt overwhelmed.

When she became pregnant with her now four-year-old son, her life took a radical turn. With 0% flexibility and no option to work from home or freely choose holidays, it was really difficult for her to balance her new life as a single mother and her professional obligations.

“I've wanted to change my career for a long time, partly because I lacked career opportunities in my old company. So I was stuck at the level I was already working at.”

She finally decided to reinvent herself and study health economics, which she still does. However, as a result, she did not have the time to give her son the attention that a child of this age needs. It was very difficult to reconcile her distance learning with her life as a single mother.

“I quickly realized that I first had to find a flexible job that would give me a certain degree of stability and enable me to concentrate on my studies later on.”

That's when her life took another turn when she came across one of our ads and decided to apply.

Hyrise experience

She began to learn about the tech sales industry and soon realized that some aspects of jobs in the tech sales industry were very similar to her old job as it involved a lot of communication with customers, which got her excited.

At first, she was determined to join an e-health company and work there. However, they recommended that she take a different path as these types of businesses required a level of flexibility that was incompatible with the lifestyle of a single mother. So she decided to try it out at tech companies in.

“My job search went pretty well, I was lucky and 9 companies were interested in my profile. It was pretty exciting to get to know the different companies and the different areas of responsibility. I started looking for work at the beginning of November and by the end of the month I had already found a job at POSpulse as an SDR. I'm really happy to be here. The whole team is very warm and welcoming, and I am supported by my supervisors.

The training was hard work, but it was absolutely worthwhile for them. She found that it was difficult to put the theory she had learned into practice at first, but she quickly found her way around and began to love her new job. Especially because she could count on the support of the Hyrise team throughout the process.

“I love the experience of learning something completely new. I had a pretty cool squad, I enjoyed it the whole time, and we're still in touch.”

Lyn says it's a relief to have a steady salary, as she now has the stability she was always looking for. Especially in these very uncertain times, this is very reassuring.

“Hyrise has changed my life, I now have a job that is compatible with my lifestyle. I love my work and my team, I just love everything about it.”

Advice for future hyrisers

“Trust the process.”

Lyn advises not to be afraid if things don't go perfectly from the start, that's completely normal. Everything takes shape at some point.

“Don't worry if you're not a sales expert at the beginning — only experience will make you a champion. You learn a lot through practice. Call again and again and keep a positive attitude.”

Do you also want to start your career in tech sales? Apply here.

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