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Dominic started his career going through a trainee program at Siemens AG, where he specialized in sales having eceived intensive sales training and mentorship. After working as account manager in Siemens’ IT and Telco unit, he followed his entrepreneurial urge and completed a 2 year MBA with entrepreneurship focus in Chicago, USA. He cofounded two companies there, one of which was a retail technology company. Back in Germany he started and built POSpulse, one of Europe’s leading companies for digitized market research and fast consumer response. Dom is all about Sales and enabling people to live to the fullest of their potential.

Oh yeah, he’s a tennis addict, vivid runner and all about overall personal health and fitness.


  • Sales
  • Sales training
  • Entrepreneurship
  • People enablement


Für wen ist ein Job im Tech Sales genau das Richtige?

Tech Sales ist eine erfüllende Karriere mit sehr attraktiven Entwicklungs- und Kompensationsmöglichkeiten. Sehr oft fragen uns potenzielle Bewerber:innen, für wen unser Tech Sales Bootcamp geeignet ist. Offen gesagt, gibt es nicht das eine ideale Profil. Vielmehr bestätigt unsere Erfahrung, dass viele Profile besonders gut geeignet sind, um eine Karriere in Tech Sales zu beginnen. Schauen wir uns einmal an, welche das sind.

Tech Sales Career

High pay, High autonomy - but sales is still a secret to many graduates

Salespeople in tech are among the best paid professionals. They also enjoy lots of autonomy on the job and feel high personal satisfaction from helping customers solve problems on a daily basis. Yet, few people, especially young graduates, aim for a career in sales. Why?

Tech Sales Career

Introducing Salesforce Trailhead into our curriculum

We are very happy to announce our collaboration with Salesforce that pays into our philosophy of industry led learning.

Hyrise Academy

Common cold calling mistakes

The toughest part of our tech sales course at Hyrise to most of our students is the cold calling training. Here are common mistakes we see sales beginners do:

Tech Sales Career

Who is tech sales for?

Tech sales is a fulfilling career path offering very attractive development and compensation opportunities. Very often potential applicants ask us who our tech sales bootcamp is for. Frankly, there is not one single ideal profile. Rather, our experience confirms that several personas are particularly well suited to enter a career in tech sales. Let's have a look at what these are.

Tech Sales Career

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