5 Reasons why you should consider a career in tech sales

March 16, 2022

There's never been a better time to work in tech.

In Europe alone, the tech industry generates 120.000 jobs every year.

Whatever route you take, a career in the technology industry is fulfilling, fascinating and full of opportunity. And yet many people without a technical background never consider a career in tech.

Let us share a little secret: not only are there non-technical roles at tech companies - they make up the majority of the jobs out there!

If you're looking to boost their career, today we want to share with you one of the best options out there. A fulfilling, rewarding career path available to anyone with the right mindset, regardless of your background.

Technology Sales.

Wait… sales? really?

"Salesperson" is currently ranked as the most in-demand job worldwide on LinkedIn

We know.

The first thing that springs to mind when you think of sales is the typical sleazy, pushy salesperson that pushes people into buying stuff they don't need.

Something like this 👇

Top 5 Worst Car Salesmen from Movies - The News Wheel

But nothing could be further from the truth!

Today, tech sales is all about getting to know your customer, building a relationship, and helping them solve their problems. The new generation of tech sales professionals are intellectually curious, driven not exclusively by money, but out of a passion and a desire to solve meaningful problems.

Here are some of the main reasons to consider a career in tech:

1. It’s fulfilling, interesting work

Eventually everyone wants more out of their job than just money. Having a job that actually interests and stimulates you is key. A career in tech sales can be fascinating. You get to meet and work with smart people, solve meaningful, interesting challenges and develop skills that can be useful for a lifetime.

2. You don't need a degree or a specific background

Good salespeople come from diverse backgrounds, and companies know it. Rather than a degree, companies look for soft skills such as resilience, a continuous learning mindset and passion and drive to succeed. There’s no strict formal criteria you need to meet in order to work as a tech sales professional, which means people with diverse backgrounds and experiences can truly be successful.

3. There’s a huge demand

As the tech industry grows, companies need more and more customer-facing roles that liaise with customers and translate their products into revenue. For this reason, "salesperson" is the single most in-demand job title in the world according to LinkedIn.

4. Career opportunities are endless

Few careers have as much potential for advancement as that of a tech sales professional. Several billionaires and tech investors, including Larry Ellison or Mark Cuban began their careers in technology sales. Chances are, you’ll need to start as a business development rep and work your way to an account executive position. This usually takes between 1-2 years.

From then, the path depends on your own interests and strengths. The skillset you acquire will be so complete you'll be able to transition to managing bigger accounts, lleading a team as a sales manager, transitioning to the marketing team, starting your own company... opportunities are endless!

5. The pay is great

Tech sales is one of the most financially lucrative career paths in tech, especially because of the high commissions paid if you hit your quotas. Salaries vary greatly depending on your city and company. Here's an overview of salaries for Sales Development Representatives (Entry-level role) and Account Executives (1-2 years experience) in some of the major tech hubs in Europe and US according to LinkedIn Salaries.

Average salaries per country and role according to LinkedIn Salary

Some of the most satisfied, intelligent, and thoughtful people we’ve met work in tech sales. It truly is a fulfilling, rewarding career path available to anyone with the right mindset.

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