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From Stacking shelves to Tech Sales - Livius' career change with hyrise

Before hyrise

Livius Arnsmann, a Berlin native, found his way into the world of sales through many detours.

While studying business psychology, he worked many jobs. His first professional experience was as part of a dual study program at the tax office, which quickly turned out to be a poor fit. After various roles, including working at a lawyer's office, Burgermeister, and most recently at Kaufland as a shelf stocker, he found himself looking for a more promising professional career path.

💡 Fun Fact: Livius' loyal companion is his little dog Brownie, who accompanies him everywhere, even to work. This undoubtedly contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere throughout the office.

Despite his family's skepticism about sales, Livius discovered his interest in the field. The idea of effectively marketing a product always fascinated him. However, despite his interest, he did not feel ready to apply directly for the advertised positions.

Livius' Experience with hyrise

Livius finally chose to go through hyrise. The support from hyrise gave him the necessary boost to explore this career path, especially with the realization that he would be marketing value-creating solutions, not just "door-knocking."

Mona, his advisor at Hyrise, helped him create a profile and paid close attention to his needs. This made the whole experience enjoyable and encouraging.

"The support from hyrise was fantastic. I was able to ask all my questions and felt well-supported throughout the entire application process."

The STAR method, which hyrise introduced to him, proved especially helpful for his job interviews. Through this model, Livius learned to tell his stories in a way that was meaningful and understandable to the listeners.

After just three job interviews, one of which was with SiteMinder that immediately impressed, Livius found his ideal job.

The entire process from application to contract signing took about four weeks.

Livius' Start into Tech Sales

Today, Livius works as a Sales Executive at SiteMinder, where he enjoys a full-cycle role filled with variety and challenge. He finds the hospitality sector particularly exciting since SiteMinder sells its software to hotels. He appreciates the opportunity to sell both digitally and in-person at trade fairs.

"I had a lot of respect for this role, but it's exactly what I was looking for, and it challenges me appropriately."

Since starting, Livius has achieved impressive sales figures. In the first month, he reached 108% of his sales targets. By July, this increased to 133%. In August, he accomplished 97% of the sales targets and sold 100% of the units. He finished the year strongly in December with 110%. These accomplishments demonstrate how quickly Livius adapted to his new role and how effectively he handles his tasks.

💡 In June 2024, Livius will move to Barcelona and continue working for SiteMinder in the DACH market from there.

Through hyrise, Livius has not only found a job that matches his personal interests but also a career direction that he might not have discovered without our help.

Once he started working, he received two months of complimentary training from hyrise, which he is particularly grateful for.

"It is a privilege to be coached, and the learning units at hyrise are designed in such a way that you internalize the content quickly and do not feel like you are learning something."

Livius' Advice

For those considering a career reorientation or applying at hyrise, Livius has clear advice:

"Make the most of the opportunities hyrise offers you, and be motivated for the application process, as that is crucial for your success in sales."

Livius' career path from uncertain beginnings to a successful Sales Executive shows that with the right support, determination, and willingness to explore new paths, professional dreams can be realized. His story is an inspiration to be open to changes and to actively seize offered opportunities. 🚀

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