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Alvaro begun his career as a consultant between Madrid and LA. After successfully launching and selling a beverage company in US, he joined now Europe's largest tech bootcamp as an early employee. He led the expansion in Europe, and transitioned into his core role as VP of Outcomes, where together with his team of 15 people they developed the career services and corporate partnerships necessary to place 1,000s of students. Passionate about education, startups and sales, he's now focused on changing education to give motivated people the opportunity to work in careers they love.

He's crazy about surfing, climbing, and any outdoor activity in general.



Sales & Marketing

Business Development

Coding - MERN Stack


Hyrise 2.0: Finde einen Job, bevor dein Training beginnt

Kannst du dir eine Universität vorstellen, die dir einen Job vermittelt, bevor du überhaupt ein Training begonnen hast? Triff Hyrise 2.0

Hyrise Academy

Discover the most common career paths in tech sales

Tech sales career prospects are looking great. Tech sales teams usually have well-defined roles with distinct responsibilities along the sales process. Here is a brief look at five common positions and career paths in tech sales.

Tech Sales Career

Was ist Tech Sales?

Die Technologiebranche boomt. Da Tausende von Technologieunternehmen aktiv Sales Profis einstellen, ziehen viele Menschen diesen Bereich als ihren nächsten Karriereweg in Betracht. Und doch ist vielen Menschen nicht klar, was genau Tech Sales ist.

Tech Sales Career

Hyrise 2.0: Land a job before you start training

Can you imagine a university that gets you a job before you even begin training? Meet Hyrise 2.0

Hyrise Academy

So startest du deine Karriere in Tech-Sales

Du glaubst, dass du programmieren können musst, um in der Tech-Branche zu arbeiten? Denk nochmal nach! Nicht alle interessanten und gut bezahlten Jobs in der Tech-Branche erfordern technische Kompetenzen. In Tech-Sales, einer der gefragtesten Positionen in Technologieunternehmen, dreht sich alles um die Interaktion mit Kunden und die Lösung ihrer Probleme. Hier sind keine Programmierkenntnisse erforderlich. 

Tech Sales Career

Du hast gerade dein Studium abgeschlossen? Hier erfährst du, warum eine Position in Tech-Sales genau der richtige erste Job für dich ist

Du hast gerade deinen Abschluss gemacht und weißt nicht, wie es weitergehen soll? Du bist nicht allein! Der Einstieg in den Arbeitsmarkt kann große Unsicherheit und Stress bedeuten. Für viele Hochschulabsolvent:innen ist es schwierig, direkt nach dem Abschluss eine interessante Stelle zu finden. Nicht wenige entscheiden sich gegen eine Karriere in ihrem Studienfach, sind aber noch unsicher, wie es weitergehen soll.

Tech Sales Career

5 Gründe für deine Karriere im digital Vertrieb

Entdecke den erfüllenden, lohnenden Karriereweg, der für alle mit der richtigen Einstellung offen steht.

Tech Sales Career

A year in review: Hyrise Academy

A look behind the scenes at our first year building Hyrise Academy

Hyrise Academy

Just graduated from university? Here's why your first job should be in tech sales

Just graduated and not sure what your next step should be? You are not alone! Entering the job market can be an uncertain and stressful period. Many recent graduates find it hard to find an opportunity they’re interested in right after graduation. Oftentimes, many decide they no longer want a career in the degree subject they studied and are not sure how to proceed. 

Tech Sales Career

5 tips to improve your CV

Want to make sure you don't make common mistakes? We've made an easy guide for you to enhance your CV. 

Tech Sales Career

How to Launch Your Career in Tech Sales

Think you need to know how to code to work in the tech industry? Think again! Here's how you can launch your career in tech sales.

Tech Sales Career

How to land a job at Salesforce

Interested in learning more on how a career at Salesforce might look like and how to launch it? Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Lucas Hauptmann, Enterprise Business Developer at Salesforce. Lucas gave us some great insights into how careers work at Salesforce.

Tech Sales Career

A day in the life of a tech sales professional

Are you considering entering a career in tech sales and curious as to what your day-to-day would look like? Let us break it down for you! Tech sales are far from your typical, structured 9-to-5 job. You are the owner of your own results, and your reward potential is determined by how hard you work. Tech sales require you to be curious and proactive, self-motivated and constantly looking for new ways to improve. 

Tech Sales Career

Willst du bei Doctolib arbeiten? Triff Anna aus dem Doctolib Sales Team.

Wir hatten das Vergnügen Anna Reißfelder zu interviewen um einen tieferen Einblick in die tägliche Arbeit und Unternehmenskultur zu gewinnen. Anna Reißfelder ist Sales Managerin. Anna erzählte uns was sie vor ihrer Zeit bei Doctolib gemacht hat, wie es war sich beruflich zu verändern, wie die tägliche Arbeit im Sales aussieht und wie vielfältig die Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten sind.

Tech Sales Career

The 18 most common terms and acronyms you need to know to work in sales

Let's face it, sales is plagued with specific terms and acronyms. Although it's completely normal not to understand the sales lingo as a beginner, we know it can be daunting to ask what a term means in the middle of a meeting. Not to worry! We've put together a list of the 18 most common terms and acronyms you will encounter whilst working in sales.

Tech Sales Career

Wie sieht eine Sales Karriere bei Doctolib aus?

Eines der am schnellsten wachsenden Unternehmen der eHealth-Tech Branche ist Doctolib mit einem der größten Sales teams im deutschen Gesundheitsmarkt. Doctolib wächst schnell und sucht deutschlandweit motivierte neue Sales Talente, die sich ihrer Mission anschließen, in Partnerschaft mit medizinischen Fachkräften das Gesundheitswesen zu verbessern.

Tech Sales Career

Hyrise Academy raises angel funding

We are very happy to announce three early-stage investors joining us in our journey to give people the space they deserve in the digital economy: Dirk Freise, Martin Ostermayer and Felix Brosious.


What is tech sales?

The tech industry is booming. With thousands of tech companies actively hiring sales professionals, many people are considering it as their next career path. And yet many people are still not clear on exactly what tech sales is.

Tech Sales Career

5 reasons why hospitality workers are switching careers to tech sales

The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the current pandemic, leaving thousands of people looking for new career opportunities. The good news? The experience and skills learnt working in hospitality are transferrable to many jobs that are in huge demand today, especially tech sales

Tech Sales Career

Hyrise Academy: Turning our vision into reality

Discover how we're getting closer to our vision of a better education model: accessible, personalized and designed for employability. 

Hyrise Academy

Hyrise Manifesto: The future of work requires the future of education

At Hyrise Academy we believe everybody has a space in the digital economy. We're transforming education to make this vision a reality.

Hyrise Academy

5 Reasons why you should consider a career in tech sales

Discover the fulfilling, rewarding tech career path available to anyone with the right mindset.

Tech Sales Career

Ready to hire top performers?