The 18 most common terms and acronyms you need to know to work in sales

May 30, 2022

There's few things worse than getting into a new job and feeling like they're speaking a completely different language.

Let's face it, sales is one of those professions that's plagued with specific terms and acronyms. Although it's completely normal not to understand the sales lingo as a beginner, we know it can be daunting to ask what a term means in the middle of a meeting.

Not to worry!

We've put together a list of the 18 most common terms and acronyms you will encounter in the sales world. Although there's certainly plenty more, we believe that understanding this small selection will enable you to get by in any entry-level sales job while you continue to evolve your vocabulary.


The 18 most common sales terms and acronyms in the sales world
18 most common terms and acronyms in tech sales

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