Lyn’s Success Story

June 20, 2022

How this single mom broke into tech sales.

Lyn is one of the students who proved to us that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Before Hyrise: 

Born and raised in Germany, Lyn has lived in Berlin for the last 4 years. One of her passions is to follow a healthy lifestyle, by doing a lot of sports and cooking delicious meals. 

She used to work at a big orthodontic praxis as a dental nurse and team leader. She was happy with her job as she had a lot of contact with the patients which is something that she enjoyed. However, she struggled with the fact that the praxis was very big and of lacked trained personnel. She spent a lot of time training people, the workdays were very long, and there were too many tasks for a few people. It was a lot on her plate and she felt overwhelmed.

Then her life took a radical change as she got pregnant with her now four-year-old son. With 0% of flexibility and no possibility of remote working or choosing vacation dates, she really had a hard time balancing her new single-mom life and her work responsibilities.  

“For a long time, I had been wanting to change my career path because in my old I lacked professional growth opportunities. So, I was kind of stuck to the level that I already worked at.”

Eventually, she decided to reinvent herself and study health economics, and she still does. Yet she felt overwhelmed because her son needed the attention that a kid that age does, and combining her remote studies with her single mom life, was very difficult.

“I soon realized that I needed to find a flexible job first that allowed me to have a certain stability and allowed me to later focus on my studies.”

Then her life took a shift again when she bumped into one of our ads and she decided to apply. 

Her Hyrise Experience

She started to research the tech sales industry and soon realized that some aspects of jobs in the tech sales industry were very similar to her old job as it involved a lot of communication with clients which she enjoyed.  

At the beginning, she was very determined to enter and work at an e-health company. However, she was advised to go another way as these types of companies required a level of flexibility that was not compatible with a single mom lifestyle. So, she decided to try tech companies in different industries. 

“My job search went pretty well, I had luck and 9 companies were interested in my profile. It was pretty interesting to see the different companies and the different job roles. I started looking for a job at the beginning of November, and by the end of the month, I had already found a job at POSpulse as an SDR. I am super happy to be here, The whole team is super warm and welcoming and I have all the support from my managers.”

The training was hard work, but for her, it was totally worth it. She found that putting the theory learned into practice was hard in the beginning, but she soon got into the flow and started to love her new job. Especially since she counted on the support of the Hyrise Team throughout the whole process. 

“I love the experience of learning something completely new. I had a pretty cool squad, I was fun all the time and we are still in touch.”

Lyn explains having a fixed salary is a relief as she now has the stability she was looking for which makes her feel calm, especially during these very uncertain times.

“Hyrise changed my life because now I have a job that is compatible with my lifestyle. I love my job and my team, I love everything about it.”

Advice for future Hyrisers

“Trust the process.” 

Lyn advises not to be afraid if things don’t work perfectly from the beginning, it is normal. But everything will take its shape at a certain point. 

“Don’t worry if you are not a sales expert at the beginning - experience is what makes you a master. It’s a lot of learning by doing. Keep on calling and keep a positive mindset.”

Want to launch you career in Tech Sales just like Lyn? Apply here.  

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