Introducing Salesforce Trailhead into our curriculum

May 25, 2022

Employability serves as the guiding north star for our tech sales curriculum. 

How do we define it? To us, employability means that people who have completed our bootcamp are ready to add value from day one of their sales career. It also means that they have been taught and trained on principles that are based on actual needs of leading B2B tech companies competing in the marketplace. To ensure the relevance of our training, we are constantly updating curriculum content based on continuous feedback of our hiring partners. 

We refer to that as being "industry-led" (more background on how we do that here).

One of our core beliefs is that education should be present along your whole career, and not confined to the early-stages. In the current work environment, we should all adopt a continuous learning mindset to succeed. To enable this, we strive to build a sales community that encourages life-long learning and sharing best practices and experiences. Tapping into the wisdom of many is a key element of learning in the digital economy.

For this very reason not only do we invite companies, sales experts and practitioners to share their learnings within our community, but we also embed their content within our course to ensure the best possible and most relevant learning experience for our sales talents. After all, it's best told from the horse's mouth.

Today, we are very happy to announce our collaboration with Salesforce that pays into our philosophy of industry led learning. Salesforce is #1 in global CRM market share, so there is a good chance our sales trainees will work with Salesforce at some point in their career, and we're convinced this will hugely impact their employability.

We have therefore embedded Salesforce's “Selling with Sales Cloud Specialist” superbadge into our tech sales curriculum. It allows our trainees to take a deep dive into Salesforce's Sales CRM - called Sales Cloud - learning it’s structure and workflows. Completing the course takes between 12 - 15 hours and serves as a micro-accreditation Salesforce refers to as a Superbadge.

In superbadge courses, participants take what they’ve learned and apply that to complex, real-world business problems. It thereby follows a similar structure of our practice oriented core training that also requires real world selling. The course is done on Trailhead, Salesforce' own learning platform, via which the company also follows the mission of building a talent community of lifelong learning.

At Hyrise, the superbadge is a recommended continuous learning activity to not only prepare our talents for potentially working in a company operating on Salesforce, but to help them stand out from a crowd of other applicants while gaining a great understanding of the inner works of a CRM. Consider it a resume-worthy confirmation of your skills. 

We are excited about growing the sales community and learning ecosystem together with Salesforce, while giving talented people access to one of the most fulfilling careers there is - tech sales.

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