How Lara landed her first tech sales job in 12 weeks

January 11, 2022

When we say great sales people come from all walks of life, we mean it.

Lara Brinkman is a mother of two, and had just finished her Master’s in Roman Studies before joining Hyrise Academy. Lara realized tech sales required you to do research, communicate, and present - some of her favourite things - so she decided to give tech sales a try and enrol in our program.

12 weeks later, she had 3 job offers in her inbox!

Lara was recently featured on Course Report’s blog post: From Academia to Tech Sales after Hyrise Academy. Student’s landing jobs they love is our north star, so naturally reading her experience made us very happy! Hearing students’ personal stories is also a great way to measure if the program we have designed really is delivering the value we intended, and where we can improve. 

Here are our 4 favourite quotes:

On the overall experience

I enjoyed the bootcamp and now I have a job in tech sales, so I’m happy I enrolled at Hyrise Academy. Without this bootcamp, I wouldn’t have had the idea to go into tech sales”

On the job search process

“I had an interview with Hyrise Academy partner, Doctolib, a platform for logistics and organization of medical services, while I was still in the middle of the bootcamp. The job didn’t work out because that kind of schedule wasn’t possible for me. I still ended up with three job offers and finally decided for the ATOSS Software AG.

On the day-to-day experience

“The course was self-paced with some people going faster than others, but everyone was involved and supportive… We had a call once a week with our sales coach. They would do things like record our cold calls and listen to them to see what we could do better. I found this really helpful. ”

On why we stand out from other programs

Hyrise Academy stood out for its flexible schedule, individual mentorship, and the good job perspectives I would have after graduating. That’s what made me want to give this bootcamp a try. 

We should mention Lara was an exemplary student. She was always open to feedback and acted upon it fast, and put in 100% effort throughout the whole program. She is a perfect example that you get out what you put in, and we’re not surprised by her successful outcome.

We wish you the best in your career Lara, and we can't wait to see you continue to succeed 🚀

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