Hiring Partner Spotlight: Doctolib

July 27, 2022

In today’s partner spotlight, we bring you one of our initial and favourite hiring partners - Doctolib! We started working with Doctolib in 2020. They are one of the most ambitious companies we’ve met, on a mission to digitize and transform the healthcare systems in partnership with healthcare professionals. We had the opportunity to directly talk to one of the recruiters of Doctolib and get all the insights to start a career with them. 

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About Doctolib

Doctolib was founded in 2013 in Paris with the goal of making the healthcare industry digital, hereby improving the daily life of healthcare personnel and making access to healthcare fast and equal for all patients. 

The healthcare industry is a very attractive industry as it is stable and keeps growing. Doctolib is a clear example of this growth. Three years ago the Doctolib team was made of 70 employees, and now they have grown to 700. This year they are focused on growing their team up to 1000. Doctolib is the market leader in France, where one of two clinics has opted for Doctolib’s software solution. 

Recruitment stages

The recruitment process at Doctolib consists of three main stages: 

  1. Motivational Interview

In this stage, you will be interviewed by the talent acquisition recruiter. They will pay special attention to your soft skills, energy and your motivation to work at Doctolib. Make sure you have researched the company thoroughly, including their mission and values. 

  1. Roleplay Interview

Here you will be interviewed by your future manager. You will be asked to simulate a discovery call and will receive feedback. At this stage, special attention will be paid to your sales reflex and you will have the opportunity to show your sales expertise and experience. 

  1. Sales director interview

Made it through the first two interviews? Congratulations! The sales director will interview you next as a final step. He/she will focus on your fit into the company's culture.  

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What is it like to work in their sales team? 

Their sales team has a very young and ambitious spirit. You will definitely have a lot of fun at work and also get the opportunity to bond with your teammates through different after-work or team-building events. Furthermore you will learn a lot about sales and the healthcare sector. Doctolibs has eleven sales offices spread all around Germany in big cities like Munich or Berlin. 

You will enter the company as a sales manager and will be in charge of the entire sales process, all the way from acquiring leads and calling the different clinics, to scheduling meetings. Then you will personally attend the meeting and pitch the different products to the doctors. Once a deal is made you will be in charge of training the team to use the products and make sure everything is going well.

What do they look for in sales talent?

“We look for people that are passionate about sales. People that are not afraid “to get their hands dirty” in order to generate leads. People that are willing to pitch the product in front of a group of doctors, which can sometimes be a tough audience.”
“You must have “thick skin” and be able to deal with rejection. Failure is part of success, you shouldn’t take it personally and rather focus on the lessons learned.”

Tips for candidates.

“It is key to stay natural and to be prepared for the interview. We are curious to understand why you want to join Doctolib. What is your passion? Why do you want to work within the healthcare sector? And why do you want to work as a Sales Manager at Doctolib?" 
"We pay special attention to the character and the impression of a person. A good storytelling skill is a must."

Want to become part of the biggest sales team in the German healthcare sector? Doctolib is the perfect place to launch your sales career and give your sales career a boost. 

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