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Hyrise Academy raises angel funding

We are very happy to announce three early-stage investors joining us in our journey to give people the space they deserve in the digital economy: Dirk Freise, Martin Ostermayer and Felix Brosious.


What is tech sales?

The tech industry is booming. With thousands of tech companies actively hiring sales professionals, many people are considering it as their next career path. And yet many people are still not clear on exactly what tech sales is.

Tech Sales Career

5 reasons why hospitality workers are switching careers to tech sales

The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the current pandemic, leaving thousands of people looking for new career opportunities. The good news? The experience and skills learnt working in hospitality are transferrable to many jobs that are in huge demand today, especially tech sales

Tech Sales Career

Hyrise Academy: Turning our vision into reality

Discover how we're getting closer to our vision of a better education model: accessible, personalized and designed for employability. 

Hyrise Academy

Hyrise Manifesto: The future of work requires the future of education

At Hyrise Academy we believe everybody has a space in the digital economy. We're transforming education to make this vision a reality.

Hyrise Academy

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