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Wie sieht eine Vertriebskarriere bei Doctolib aus?

Eines der am schnellsten wachsenden Unternehmen der eHealth-Tech Branche ist Doctolib mit einem der größten Vertriebsteams im deutschen Gesundheitsmarkt. Doctolib wächst schnell und sucht deutschlandweit motivierte neue Vertriebstalente, die sich ihrer Mission anschließen, in Partnerschaft mit medizinischen Fachkräften das Gesundheitswesen zu verbessern.

Tech Sales Career

Common cold calling mistakes

The toughest part of our tech sales course at Hyrise to most of our students is the cold calling training. Here are common mistakes we see sales beginners do:

Tech Sales Career

Landing.Jobs and Hyrise will offer 100.000€ in scholarships to launch your tech career

Landing.Jobs and Hyrise Academy to offer 100.000€ in scholarships to take Hyrise's tech sales bootcamp


Who is tech sales for?

Tech sales is a fulfilling career path offering very attractive development and compensation opportunities. Very often potential applicants ask us who our tech sales bootcamp is for. Frankly, there is not one single ideal profile. Rather, our experience confirms that several personas are particularly well suited to enter a career in tech sales. Let's have a look at what these are.

Tech Sales Career

Hyrise Academy raises angel funding

We are very happy to announce three early-stage investors joining us in our journey to give people the space they deserve in the digital economy: Dirk Freise, Martin Ostermayer and Felix Brosious.


What is tech sales?

The tech industry is booming. With thousands of tech companies actively hiring sales professionals, many people are considering it as their next career path. And yet many people are still not clear on exactly what tech sales is.

Tech Sales Career

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